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a fear of hierarchy is a(n):

a list of feared objects or situations

a treatment package called a stress management program that is used to treat generalized anxiety disorder would not include:

cognitive techniques

abnormal functioning in which areas of the brain has been linked to obsessive-compulsive disorder?

orbitofrontal cortex and the caudate nuclei

according to sigmond Freud, children experience ________ when they are repeatedly prevented from expressing their id impulses.

neurotic anxiety

according to humanistic theorists, people develop generalized anxiety disorder when:

they repeatedly deny their true thoughts, emotions, & behaviors

according to psychodynamic theorists, what 3 defense mechanisms are involved in obsessive compulsive disorder?

isolation, undoing, reaction formation

according to the biological perspective, malfunctioning of which neurotransmitter system contributes to generalized anxiety disorder?


fear of venturing into public places is known as:


In _______, the therapist confronts the feared object or situation while the person suffering from the phobia observes.

vicarious conditioning

In _____, researchers produce panic in subjects or clients by administering drugs or by instructing them to breathe, exercise, or simply think in certain ways.

biological challenge tests

In _______s technique of rational-emotive therapy, practioners point out the irrational assumptions held by clients, and suggest more appropriate assumptions.

albert ellis

In which kind of study would a researcher determine how many and which relatives of a person with a disorder have the same disorder?

family pedigree study

Jeff Bell, a radio news anchor with obsessive-compulsive disorder, dislikes wobbly tables because:

he fears the table will harm someone

one study of anxiety persons with anxiety disorders found that ____% actually suffered from multiple disorders.


people with ______ are tormented by fear and related symptoms well after a traumatic event has ended.

posttraumatic stress disorder

social phobia can be broken down into which of the following qualifers?

narrow or broad

the ________ perspective suggests that one way of acquiring a fear reaction that may turn into a phobia is through modeling, that is, through observation and imitation.


the cognitive perspective of panic disorder suggests that its sufferers:

may be overyly sensitive to bodily sensation and misinterpret them

the distress experienced by people with _____ is sometimes described as free-floating anxiety.

generalized anxiety disorder

the idea that human beings are prepared to acquire some phobias and not others is a _______ perspective.


the most common theme of obsessive thoughts is

dirt or contamination

the most widely applied method of biofeedback for the treatment of anxiety disorders is the


This type of therapy tries to help clients suffering from anxiety by providing empathy and genuine acceptance

client centered therapy

to qualify for a DSM-IV diagnosis of generalized anxiety disorder, the excessive or ongoing anxiety or worry must last for at least ____.

6 months

to qualify for a DSM-IV diagnosis of obsessive compulsive disorder, a person must have suffered recurrent obsession or compulsions with significant distress or impairment lasting for more than ______.

one hour a day

what disorder may also develop along with panic disorder?


what percent of americans suffer from an anxiety disorder each year?


what perspective maintains that generalized anxiety disorder develops as a result of esposure to threatening environments?


what suggestion is shared by both the metacognitive theory and the avoidance theory of generalized anxiety disorder?

the worrying serves some sort of positive function for the sufferer

what type of psychotherapist would tell a patient being treated for a cleanig compulsion to resist the urge to mop his bathroom floor for a week?


what type of psychotherapist would tell a patient being treated for fearful obsessive thoughts to think those thoughts as frequently as possible?


which neurotransmitter system may be irregular in people suffering from panic disorder?


which of the following anxiety disorders appears to have the same prevalence women and in men?

obsessive compulsive disorder

which of the following is not a type of anxiety disorder?

bipolar disorder

which of these is not a major behavioral approach to treating specific phobias?

stimulus generalization

which psychological perspective believes that people develop their compulsions as a result of random coincidence?


which treatment is most consistently effective in treating social phobias?

no single approach is consistently effective in treating social phobias

which type of drugs have been most helpful in treating obsessive compulsive disorder?

antidepressants that affect the serotonin system

women are _____ as likely as men to experience panic disorder.

two times

______ are a family of antianxiety medication that include diazepam (Valium) and alprazolam (Xanax).


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