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  1. Common Law Defenses
  2. Actual Damages
  3. Void for Vagueness
  4. Two factors a court will consider when examining the questions of reckless disregard for the truth?
  5. Some courts refuse to recognize the tort of publication of private facts. Why?
  1. a Whether or not the news was of public concern and if the news came from a reliable source
  2. b It's too vague, if the common person does not know what behavior is prohibited.
  3. c 1. Truth
    2. Privileged Communication
    3.Neutral Reportage
    4. Fair Comment
    5. Consent
    6. Right of Reply
  4. d Compensatory damages for actual injury
  5. e Because of the difficulty in determining what is private and what isn't.

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  1. must prove negligence. Those who are not classified as public figures
  2. True
  3. 1. appropriation
    2. Intrusion
    3. publication of private facts
    4. putting someone in false light
  4. In NY Times v. Sullivan they federalized public/private entities and public figures of whom need to show actual malice. The court took libel law under control
  5. Carelessness, not using care

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  1. Does Utah have a criminal libel law?General Damages


  2. Libel (Defamation)is a tort. Any publication or broadcast of a (false statement) that:
    1. Injures someone's reputation
    2. Lower's that person's esteem in the community


  3. Booth RuleA civil Wrong for which a court can offer a remedy . usually (money)


  4. Example of Transformative useThat right to publicity can be transformed from dead people to their companies or families - Rosa Parks song by OutKast


  5. To win a suit for false light, the plaintiff must show thatIt's too vague, if the common person does not know what behavior is prohibited.