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  1. Libel Per Se
  2. Public Figure
  3. Factors to determine reckless disregard for the truth
  4. True or False? A person who was considered a public figure in connection with a public controversy remains a public figure with regard to stories published or broadcast about that controversy in the future, despite the passage of time.
  5. Overbreadth Doctrine
  1. a True
  2. b Libelous on it's face
  3. c Must prove actual malice. A person who has done something to influence public opinion on a particular issue
  4. d If it bars more speech than necessary
  5. e 1.Publication of story urgent?
    2.How reliable was the source of the story
    3. Story had a large chance of happening?

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  1. Must prove actual malice. Any person who is elected to public office qualifies as public official
  2. In NY Times v. Sullivan they federalized public/private entities and public figures of whom need to show actual malice. The court took libel law under control
  3. False
  4. True
  5. False

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  1. Common Law Defenses1. Truth
    2. Privileged Communication
    3.Neutral Reportage
    4. Fair Comment
    5. Consent
    6. Right of Reply


  2. Milkovich TestDetermines whether a statement of opinion is true or false


  3. Section 230 "Good Samaritan Protection"Immunity for online publishers under the (CDA) No provider of an interactive computer service shall be treated as publisher ( Internet providers are treated differently from publishers of print, t.v., and radio)


  4. Libel Per SeBecause of Circumstance


  5. Hornby v. Hunterinformation that is transfer form newspaper and tv over the internet the court will presume 3rd party is aware.


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