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Food Chains & Webs

Organism that makes its own food; producer.
Organisms that get their energy by eating other organisms.
primary consumer
Animals that eat producers; for example, a rabbit eats grass.
tertiary consumer
Animals that eat secondary consumers; for example, an owl eats the rabbit.
quaternary consumer
Animals that eat tertiary consumers; for example, a hawk eats the owl.
top predator
Animals that have little or no natural enemies, thus preying on others but seldom being preyed upon.
food chain
A simple arrangement in which organisms obtain food energy as each one consumes a lower member and in turn is preyed upon by a higher member.
food web
A complex network of many interconnected food chains and feeding interactions
secondary consumers
Animals that eat primary consumers; for example, a snake eats the rabbit.
trophic level
A group of organisms that occupy the same level in a food chain.