Ham Radio - Extra Class Question Pool 2012-2016

702 terms by switchman

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You will need the graphics from here, http://www.arrl.org/question-pools.

When using a transceiver that displays the carrier frequency of phone signals, which of the following displayed frequencies represents the highest frequency at which a properly adjusted USB emission will be totally within the band?

D. 3 kHz below the upper band edge

When using a transceiver that displays the carrier frequency of phone signals, which of the following displayed frequencies represents the lowest frequency at which a properly adjusted LSB emission will be totally within the band?

D. 3 kHz above the lower band edge

With your transceiver displaying the carrier frequency of phone signals, you hear a DX station's CQ on 14.349 MHz USB. Is it legal to return the call using upper sideband on the same frequency?

C. No, my sidebands will extend beyond the band edge

With your transceiver displaying the carrier frequency of phone signals, you hear a DX station calling CQ on 3.601 MHz LSB. Is it legal to return the call using lower sideband on the same frequency?

C. No, my sidebands will extend beyond the edge of the phone band segment

What is the maximum power output permitted on the 60 meter band?

C. 100 watts PEP effective radiated power relative to the gain of a half-wave dipole

Which of the following describes the rules for operation on the 60 meter band?

B. Operation is restricted to specific emission types and specific channels

What is the only amateur band where transmission on specific channels rather than a range of frequencies is permitted?

D. 60 meter band

If a station in a message forwarding system inadvertently forwards a message that is in violation of FCC rules, who is primarily accountable for the rules violation?

B. The control operator of the originating station

What is the first action you should take if your digital message forwarding station inadvertently forwards a communication that violates FCC rules?

A. Discontinue forwarding the communication as soon as you become aware of it

If an amateur station is installed aboard a ship or aircraft, what condition must be met before the station is operated?

A. Its operation must be approved by the master of the ship or the pilot in command of the aircraft

What authorization or licensing is required when operating an amateur station aboard a US-registered vessel in international waters?

B. Any FCC-issued amateur license or a reciprocal permit for an alien amateur licensee

With your transceiver displaying the carrier frequency of CW signals, you hear a DX station's CQ on 3.500 MHz. Is it legal to return the call using CW on the same frequency?

C. No, sidebands from the CW signal will be out of the band.

Who must be in physical control of the station apparatus of an amateur station aboard any vessel or craft that is documented or registered in the United States?

B. Any person holding an FCC-issued amateur license or who is authorized for alien reciprocal operation

Which of the following constitutes a spurious emission?

D. An emission outside its necessary bandwidth that can be reduced or eliminated without affecting the information transmitted

Which of the following factors might cause the physical location of an amateur station apparatus or antenna structure to be restricted?

D. The location is of environmental importance or significant in American history, architecture, or culture

Within what distance must an amateur station protect an FCC monitoring facility from harmful interference?

A. 1 mile

What must be done before placing an amateur station within an officially designated wilderness area or wildlife preserve, or an area listed in the National Register of Historical Places?

C. An Environmental Assessment must be submitted to the FCC

What is the maximum bandwidth for a data emission on 60 meters?

D. 2.8 kHz

Which of the following additional rules apply if you are installing an amateur station antenna at a site at or near a public use airport?

A. You may have to notify the Federal Aviation Administration and register it with the FCC as required by Part 17 of FCC rules

Where must the carrier frequency of a CW signal be set to comply with FCC rules for 60 meter operation?

B. At the center frequency of the channel

What limitations may the FCC place on an amateur station if its signal causes interference to domestic broadcast reception, assuming that the receiver(s) involved are of good engineering design?

D. The amateur station must avoid transmitting during certain hours on frequencies that cause the interference

Which amateur stations may be operated in RACES?

C. Any FCC-licensed amateur station certified by the responsible civil defense organization for the area served

What frequencies are authorized to an amateur station participating in RACES?

A. All amateur service frequencies authorized to the control operator

What is the permitted mean power of any spurious emission relative to the mean power of the fundamental emission from a station transmitter or external RF amplifier installed after January 1, 2003, and transmitting on a frequency below 30 MHZ?

A. At least 43 dB below

What is the highest modulation index permitted at the highest modulation frequency for angle modulation?

B. 1.0

What is a remotely controlled station?

D. A station controlled indirectly through a control link

What is meant by automatic control of a station?

A. The use of devices and procedures for control so that the control operator does not have to be present at a control point

How do the control operator responsibilities of a station under automatic control differ from one under local control?

B. Under automatic control the control operator is not required to be present at the control point

When may an automatically controlled station retransmit third party communications?

B. Only when transmitting RTTY or data emissions

When may an automatically controlled station originate third party communications?

A. Never

Which of the following statements concerning remotely controlled amateur stations is true?

C. A control operator must be present at the control point

What is meant by local control?

C. Direct manipulation of the transmitter by a control operator

What is the maximum permissible duration of a remotely controlled station's transmissions if its control link malfunctions?

B. 3 minutes

Which of these frequencies are available for an automatically controlled repeater operating below 30 MHz?

D. 29.500 - 29.700 MHz

What types of amateur stations may automatically retransmit the radio signals of other amateur stations?

B. Only auxiliary, repeater or space stations

What is the definition of the term telemetry?

A. One-way transmission of measurements at a distance from the measuring instrument

What is the amateur satellite service?

C. A radio communications service using amateur radio stations on satellites

What is a telecommand station in the amateur satellite service?

B. An amateur station that transmits communications to initiate, modify or terminate functions of a space station

What is an Earth station in the amateur satellite service?

A. An amateur station within 50 km of the Earth's surface intended for communications with amateur stations by means of objects in space

What class of licensee is authorized to be the control operator of a space station?

C. All classes

Which of the following special provisions must a space station incorporate in order to comply with space station requirements?

A. The space station must be capable of terminating transmissions by telecommand when directed by the FCC

Which amateur service HF bands have frequencies authorized to space stations?

A. Only 40m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m and 10m

Which VHF amateur service bands have frequencies available for space stations?

D. 2 meters

Which amateur service UHF bands have frequencies available for a space station?

B. 70 cm, 23 cm, 13 cm

Which amateur stations are eligible to be telecommand stations?

B. Any amateur station so designated by the space station licensee, subject to the privileges of the class of operator license held by the control operator

Which amateur stations are eligible to operate as Earth stations?

D. Any amateur station, subject to the privileges of the class of operator license held by the control operator

What is the minimum number of qualified VEs required to administer an Element 4 amateur operator license examination?

D. 3

Where are the questions for all written US amateur license examinations listed?

C. In a question pool maintained by all the VECs

What is a Volunteer Examiner Coordinator?

C. An organization that has entered into an agreement with the FCC to coordinate amateur operator license examinations

Which of the following best describes the Volunteer Examiner accreditation process?

D. The procedure by which a VEC confirms that the VE applicant meets FCC requirements to serve as an examiner

What is the minimum passing score on amateur operator license examinations?

B. Minimum passing score of 74%

Who is responsible for the proper conduct and necessary supervision during an amateur operator license examination session?

C. Each administering VE

What should a VE do if a candidate fails to comply with the examiner's instructions during an amateur operator license examination?

B. Immediately terminate the candidate's examination

To which of the following examinees may a VE not administer an examination?

C. Relatives of the VE as listed in the FCC rules

What may be the penalty for a VE who fraudulently administers or certifies an examination?

A. Revocation of the VE's amateur station license grant and the suspension of the VE's amateur operator license grant

What must the administering VEs do after the administration of a successful examination for an amateur operator license?

C. They must submit the application document to the coordinating VEC according to the coordinating VEC instructions

What must the VE team do if an examinee scores a passing grade on all examination elements needed for an upgrade or new license?

B. Three VEs must certify that the examinee is qualified for the license grant and that they have complied with the administering VE requirements

What must the VE team do with the application form if the examinee does not pass the exam?

A. Return the application document to the examinee

What are the consequences of failing to appear for re-administration of an examination when so directed by the FCC?

A. The licensee's license will be cancelled

For which types of out-of-pocket expenses do the Part 97 rules state that VEs and VECs may be reimbursed?

A. Preparing, processing, administering and coordinating an examination for an amateur radio license

On what frequencies are spread spectrum transmissions permitted?

B. Only on amateur frequencies above 222 MHz

Which of the following operating arrangements allows an FCC-licensed US citizen to operate in many European countries, and alien amateurs from many European countries to operate in the US?

A. CEPT agreement

Under what circumstances may a dealer sell an external RF power amplifier capable of operation below 144 MHz if it has not been granted FCC certification?

A. It was purchased in used condition from an amateur operator and is sold to another amateur operator for use at that operator's station

Which of the following geographic descriptions approximately describes "Line A"?

A. A line roughly parallel to and south of the US-Canadian border

Amateur stations may not transmit in which of the following frequency segments if they are located in the contiguous 48 states and north of Line A?

D. 420 - 430 MHz

What is the National Radio Quiet Zone?

C. An area surrounding the National Radio Astronomy Observatory

When may an amateur station send a message to a business?

D. When neither the amateur nor his or her employer has a pecuniary interest in the communications

Which of the following types of amateur station communications are prohibited?

A. Communications transmitted for hire or material compensation, except as otherwise provided in the rules

Which of the following conditions apply when transmitting spread spectrum emission?

D. All of these choices are correct

What is the maximum transmitter power for an amateur station transmitting spread spectrum communications?

C. 10 W

Which of the following best describes one of the standards that must be met by an external RF power amplifier if it is to qualify for a grant of FCC certification?

D. It must satisfy the FCC's spurious emission standards when operated at the lesser of 1500 watts, or its full output power

Who may be the control operator of an auxiliary station?

B. Only Technician, General, Advanced or Amateur Extra Class operators

What types of communications may be transmitted to amateur stations in foreign countries?

C. Communications incidental to the purpose of the amateur service and remarks of a personal nature

Under what circumstances might the FCC issue a "Special Temporary Authority" (STA) to an amateur station?

A. To provide for experimental amateur communications

What is the direction of an ascending pass for an amateur satellite?

C. From south to north

What is the direction of a descending pass for an amateur satellite?

A. From north to south

What is the orbital period of an Earth satellite?

C. The time it takes for a satellite to complete one revolution around the Earth

What is meant by the term mode as applied to an amateur radio satellite?

B. The satellite's uplink and downlink frequency bands

What do the letters in a satellite's mode designator specify?

D. The uplink and downlink frequency ranges

On what band would a satellite receive signals if it were operating in mode U/V?

A. 435-438 MHz

Which of the following types of signals can be relayed through a linear transponder?

D. All of these choices are correct

Why should effective radiated power to a satellite which uses a linear transponder be limited?

B. To avoid reducing the downlink power to all other users

What do the terms L band and S band specify with regard to satellite communications?

A. The 23 centimeter and 13 centimeter bands

Why may the received signal from an amateur satellite exhibit a rapidly repeating fading effect?

A. Because the satellite is spinning

What type of antenna can be used to minimize the effects of spin modulation and Faraday rotation?

B. A circularly polarized antenna

What is one way to predict the location of a satellite at a given time?

D. By calculations using the Keplerian elements for the specified satellite

What type of satellite appears to stay in one position in the sky?

B. Geostationary

How many times per second is a new frame transmitted in a fast-scan (NTSC) television system?

A. 30

How many horizontal lines make up a fast-scan (NTSC) television frame?

C. 525

How is an interlaced scanning pattern generated in a fast-scan (NTSC) television system?

D. By scanning odd numbered lines in one field and even numbered ones in the next

What is blanking in a video signal?

B. Turning off the scanning beam while it is traveling from right to left or from bottom to top

Which of the following is an advantage of using vestigial sideband for standard fast- scan TV transmissions?

C. Vestigial sideband reduces bandwidth while allowing for simple video detector circuitry

What is vestigial sideband modulation?

A. Amplitude modulation in which one complete sideband and a portion of the other are transmitted

What is the name of the signal component that carries color information in NTSC video?

B. Chroma

Which of the following is a common method of transmitting accompanying audio with amateur fast-scan television?

D. All of these choices are correct

What hardware, other than a receiver with SSB capability and a suitable computer, is needed to decode SSTV using Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM)?

D. No other hardware is needed

Which of the following is an acceptable bandwidth for Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) based voice or SSTV digital transmissions made on the HF amateur bands?

A. 3 KHz

What is the function of the Vertical Interval Signaling (VIS) code transmitted as part of an SSTV transmission?

B. To identify the SSTV mode being used

How are analog SSTV images typically transmitted on the HF bands?

D. Varying tone frequencies representing the video are transmitted using single sideband

How many lines are commonly used in each frame on an amateur slow-scan color television picture?

C. 128 or 256

What aspect of an amateur slow-scan television signal encodes the brightness of the picture?

A. Tone frequency

What signals SSTV receiving equipment to begin a new picture line?

A. Specific tone frequencies

Which of the following is the video standard used by North American Fast Scan ATV stations?


What is the approximate bandwidth of a slow-scan TV signal?

B. 3 kHz

On which of the following frequencies is one likely to find FM ATV transmissions?

D. 1255 MHz

What special operating frequency restrictions are imposed on slow scan TV transmissions?

C. They are restricted to phone band segments and their bandwidth can be no greater than that of a voice signal of the same modulation type

Which of the following is true about contest operating?

A. Operators are permitted to make contacts even if they do not submit a log

Which of the following best describes the term "self-spotting" in regards to contest operating?

A. The generally prohibited practice of posting one's own call sign and frequency on a call sign spotting network

From which of the following bands is amateur radio contesting generally excluded?

A. 30 meters

On which of the following frequencies is an amateur radio contest contact generally discouraged?

D. 146.52 MHz

What is the function of a DX QSL Manager?

B. To handle the receiving and sending of confirmation cards for a DX station

During a VHF/UHF contest, in which band segment would you expect to find the highest level of activity?

C. In the weak signal segment of the band, with most of the activity near the calling frequency

What is the Cabrillo format?

A. A standard for submission of electronic contest logs

Why are received spread-spectrum signals resistant to interference?

A. Signals not using the spectrum-spreading algorithm are suppressed in the receiver

How does the spread-spectrum technique of frequency hopping work?

D. The frequency of the transmitted signal is changed very rapidly according to a particular sequence also used by the receiving station

Why might a DX station state that they are listening on another frequency?

D. All of these choices are correct

How should you generally identify your station when attempting to contact a DX station working a pileup or in a contest?

A. Send your full call sign once or twice

What might help to restore contact when DX signals become too weak to copy across an entire HF band a few hours after sunset?

B. Switch to a lower frequency HF band

Which of the following digital modes is especially designed for use for meteor scatter signals?

B. FSK441

What is the definition of baud?

A. The number of data symbols transmitted per second

Which of the following digital modes is especially useful for EME communications?

D. JT65

What is the purpose of digital store-and-forward functions on an Amateur Radio satellite?

C. To store digital messages in the satellite for later download by other stations

Which of the following techniques is normally used by low Earth orbiting digital satellites to relay messages around the world?

B. Store-and-forward

Which of the following is a commonly used 2-meter APRS frequency?

A. 144.39 MHz

Which of the following digital protocols is used by APRS?

C. AX.25

Which of the following types of packet frames is used to transmit APRS beacon data?

A. Unnumbered Information

Under clear communications conditions, which of these digital communications modes has the fastest data throughput?

D. 300-baud packet

How can an APRS station be used to help support a public service communications activity?

C. An APRS station with a GPS unit can automatically transmit information to show a mobile station's position during the event

Which of the following data are used by the APRS network communicate your location?

D. Latitude and longitude

How does JT65 improve EME communications?

A. It can decode signals many dB below the noise floor using FEC

Which type of modulation is common for data emissions below 30 MHz?


What do the letters FEC mean as they relate to digital operation?

A. Forward Error Correction

How is Forward Error Correction implemented?

C. By transmitting extra data that may be used to detect and correct transmission errors

What is indicated when one of the ellipses in an FSK crossed-ellipse display suddenly disappears?

A. Selective fading has occurred

How does ARQ accomplish error correction?

D. If errors are detected, a retransmission is requested

What is the most common data rate used for HF packet communications?

C. 300 baud

What is the typical bandwidth of a properly modulated MFSK16 signal?

B. 316 Hz

Which of the following HF digital modes can be used to transfer binary files?


Which of the following HF digital modes uses variable-length coding for bandwidth efficiency?

D. PSK31

Which of these digital communications modes has the narrowest bandwidth?

C. PSK31

What is the difference between direct FSK and audio FSK?

A. Direct FSK applies the data signal to the transmitter VFO

Which type of digital communication does not support keyboard-to-keyboard operation?

A. Winlink

What is the approximate maximum separation measured along the surface of the Earth between two stations communicating by Moon bounce?

D. 12,000 miles, as long as both can "see" the Moon

What characterizes libration fading of an Earth-Moon-Earth signal?

B. A fluttery irregular fading

When scheduling EME contacts, which of these conditions will generally result in the least path loss?

A. When the Moon is at perigee

What type of receiving system is desirable for EME communications?

D. Equipment with very low noise figures

Which of the following describes a method of establishing EME contacts?

A. Time synchronous transmissions with each station alternating

What frequency range would you normally tune to find EME signals in the 2 meter band?

B. 144.000 - 144.100 MHz

What frequency range would you normally tune to find EME signals in the 70 cm band?

D. 432.000 - 432.100 MHz

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