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  1. muscle contraction
  2. CCB
  3. hytrin
  4. carbamazepine
  5. Norepinephrine
  1. a what drug class is VERAPAMIL in?
  2. b when ACH attatches to the n2 receptor what happens?
  3. c tegretol
  4. d what neaurotransmitter increases heart rate?
  5. e terazosin

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  1. what drug can prolong local anesthetic effect?
  2. what drug is used for malignant hyperthermia?
  3. what is the max dose of tylenol?
  4. blurry, flashing aura of light is known as?
  5. decreased urine production is known as?

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  1. disulfiramnupercainal


  2. tardive dyskinesiaexertional angina is also known as?


  3. ear painauralgan is indicated for?


  4. propranololwhich beta blocker is indicated for migraine prophylaxis?


  5. myasthenia gravisflexeril