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  1. tardive dyskinesia
  2. glaucoma
  3. cyclobenzaprine
  4. stage 3
  5. True
  1. a digestion occurs in the pans? Tor F
  2. b surgery is performed in what stage?
  3. c involuntary movement of the lips, and can derive from prolonged use of amantadine is?
  4. d flexeril
  5. e increased intraoccular pressure is known as?

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  1. antabuse
  2. zyprexa is what drug category?
  3. bentyl is indicted for?
  4. what drug class is VERAPAMIL in?
  5. what neaurotransmitter increases heart rate?

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  1. ativanlorazepam


  2. ACH, DAwhat metabolizes ACH?


  3. butalbital, asprin, caffeineexertional angina is also known as?


  4. OLIGURIAterazosin


  5. take on empty stomachbethanechol PT info is?