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  1. ACHE
  2. symmetrel/amantadine
  3. carbamazepine
  4. 2 pam chloride
  5. antazoline
  1. a what metabolizes the ACH when it is outside of trhe nerve ending?
  2. b this drug may produce livido reticularis
  3. c what drug can prolong local anesthetic effect?
  4. d tegretol
  5. e vasacon A

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  1. depression cause by external factors is known as?
  2. antabuse
  3. what neaurotransmitter increases heart rate?
  4. zyprexa is what drug category?
  5. prochlorperazine

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  1. status epilepticusseries of grand mal seizers without cessation is known as?


  2. depakotename the divalproex sodiums trade name ?


  3. 4000mgwhat is the max does of motrin?


  4. celexaCITALOPRAM trade name is?


  5. Thorazineblurry, flashing aura of light is known as?