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  1. myasthenia gravis
  2. dicyclomine
  3. topical
  4. dantrium
  5. stable angina
  1. a dantrolene
  2. b methosylisalates is given what route? (also known as bengay)
  3. c bentyl
  4. d exertional angina is also known as?
  5. e drooping of the eyes is known as?

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  1. bethanechol PT info is?
  2. decreased urine production is known as?
  3. lithobid, eskalith
  4. lorazepam
  5. venlafaxine is also known as?

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  1. phenobarbital sodiumluminal sodium


  2. minor eye irritationwhen ACH attatches to the n2 receptor what happens?


  3. celexaCITALOPRAM trade name is?


  4. depakotename the divalproex sodiums trade name ?


  5. IBSterazosin is indicated for?