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  1. HTN
  2. compazine
  3. CCB
  4. REM and NREM
  5. myasthenia gravis
  1. a terazosin is indicated for?
  2. b what drug class is VERAPAMIL in?
  3. c what are the 2 types of sleep?
  4. d drooping of the eyes is known as?
  5. e prochlorperazine

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  1. auralgan is indicated for?
  2. what is the max dose of tylenol?
  3. digestion occurs in the pans? Tor F
  4. when ACH attatches to the n2 receptor what happens?
  5. seroquel is what drug category

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  1. opioidswhat are synthetic forms of opium?


  2. 2 pam chloridewhat drug can prolong local anesthetic effect?


  3. topicalwhat are synthetic forms of opium?


  4. phenobarbital sodiumdepression cause by external factors is known as?


  5. tolerance and physical dependencethe two most common side effects narcotics is?


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