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  1. cyclobenzaprine
  2. dantrium
  3. quetiapine fumarate
  4. olazapine
  5. ACHE?
  1. a flexeril
  2. b dantrolene
  3. c seroquel
  4. d what metabolizes ACH?
  5. e zyprexa

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  1. what drug class is VERAPAMIL in?
  2. what metabolizes the ACH when it is outside of trhe nerve ending?
  3. narcotics have what effect on cardiac system?
  4. bentyl is indicted for?
  5. what are synthetic forms of opium?

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  1. glaucomawhat metabolizes ACH?


  2. status epilepticusdepression cause by external factors is known as?


  3. pyridostigmine/mestinonvenlafaxine is used for what?


  4. depakoteprochlorperazine


  5. exogeniousdepression cause by external factors is known as?