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  1. Norepinephrine
  2. cyclobenzaprine
  3. glaucoma
  4. misc. anti psychotic
  5. depakene
  1. a name the valproic acids trade name?
  2. b flexeril
  3. c what neaurotransmitter increases heart rate?
  4. d increased intraoccular pressure is known as?
  5. e zyprexa is what drug category?

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  1. cogentin is used for what disease?
  2. prochlorperazine
  3. what drug class is VERAPAMIL in?
  4. exertional angina is also known as?
  5. emotional and behavioral responses is controlled by?

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  1. REM and NREMwhat are the 2 types of sleep?


  2. celexawhat is an important diagnostic tool for status epilepticus?


  3. atropine, 2 pam chlorideseroquel is what drug category


  4. depressionvenlafaxine is used for what?


  5. phenobarbital sodiumauralgan is indicated for?


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