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  1. butalbital, asprin, caffeine
  2. pyridostigmine/mestinon
  3. propranolol
  4. olazapine
  5. 2 pam chloride
  1. a FIORINAL generic name is?
  2. b which beta blocker is indicated for migraine prophylaxis?
  3. c what drug can prolong local anesthetic effect?
  4. d zyprexa
  5. e myasthenia gravis is an indication for which drug?

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  1. what metabolizes ACH?
  2. the basal ganglia maintaines what 2 neurotransmitters?
  3. terazosin
  4. antabuse
  5. the two most common side effects narcotics is?

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  1. migraineblurry, flashing aura of light is known as?


  2. parkinsons diseasecogentin is used for what disease?


  3. take on empty stomachemotional and behavioral responses is controlled by?


  4. dicyclominebentyl


  5. symmetrel/amantadinezoloft generic name?