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Science 9 Reproduction: Asexual Reproduction


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Asexual reproduction
Reproduction that requires only one parent
Binary Fission
Single parent cell splits into two equal parts that have the same copies of genetic material
A group rapidly dividing cells develops on an organism and breaks away to become a new organism
An identical genetic copy of an organisms parent
A form of asexual reproduction in which each fragment of an organism develops into a clone of its parent
Reproductive cells that develop into new individuals by repatriated mitosis
Vegetative reproduction
Root cells divide repeatedly to form structures that develop into a plant that's identical to the parent
Bacteria reproduce asexually by
Binary fission
Stem cells have the potential to..?
To become many different types of cells
During the process of cloning scientists do what?
Remove the nucleus from an egg cell
Advantages of Asexual Reproduction
-Large numbers of offspring reproduce quickly
-Large colonies out complete other organisms for water and nutrients
-Less energy is required
-In bad weather offspring has a better chance of survival
Disadvantage of Asexual Reproduction
-Extreme temperatures can wipe out entire colonies
-A negative mutation can kill large numbers of offspring
Example of budding
Examples of spore formation
Fungi, mushrooms
Example of fragmentation
Sea stars
Example of vegetative reproduction
What is therapeutic cloning?
It's used to correct health problems
What is reproductive cloning?
Produces a genetic duplicate of an existing or previously existing organism with desirable qualities
Why are stem cells so useful?
They can be used to replace damaged cells in patients with diabetes, spinal injuries or Parkinson's disease
Process of cloning
1) remove nucleus of an egg cell
2) retrieve a somatic cell( any cell in you body that isn't a sperm or egg)
3) insert the nucleus of the somatic cell into the enucleated egg cell(egg cell will thinks it's fertilized and will being to form an embryo)
4) provide growth factored needed to facilitate growth and allow embryo to grow to a blastocyst