thrymskvitha vocabulary

12 terms by mrsfickau

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2 respond with anger or rage
before 1000 A.D.


2 listen or hear
1150 A.D.


2 give careful attention to
before 900 A.D.


a building or place of shelter; house
1250 A.D.


2 fly or move quickly with a humming/buzzing sound
1350 A.D.


a royal domain/kingdom/neighborhood
1250 A.D.


2 make holy; 2 bless
before 900 A.D.


2 twist suddenly/forcibly; pull; jerk
before 1050 A.D.


alcohol made out of honey and water
before 900 A.D.


something delicious, delicate, or pretty
1175 A.D.


an old silver British coin
before 900 A.D.


extremely sensitive or interested: clever
before 900 A.D.

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