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5 Love Languages Practical Summary

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•d/Visual symbol that someone loves you, getting the perfect shows you know them in the most intimate ways.
•d/Meaningful gifts that show partner was thinking about you when apart or show appreciation
•Missing important dates like birthday or anniversary are dangerous.
•Make a list of ten things you can give a person and do it.
•Make the most of unusual holidays and buy a small gift for your spouse. Have it wrapped and placed where they'll find it on their own. Here is a list of such holidays according to the months of the year. You may be surprised to see how many there are.
•Make a mental note of little things your spouse mentions that they like. It might be daisies are their favorite flower, or they love a certain perfume or scarf. It could be a favorite candy bar, to a movie they want to see. Whatever it is, if it's within your budget, surprise them by getting it for them. They will be blessed not only that you bought them the gift, but that you paid attention to what they said.
•Make a certain day of the week their special day. It could be that every Monday you give them a small token of your love. The anticipation of the gift will be as special as actually getting it. They don't have to be expensive things either, just thoughtful. This is usually what those with the "receiving gifts" love language actually to know that you thought enough of them to pick something out just for them, just because.
•Whenever you give a small gift, take the time to wrap it nicely. Often times the presentation is as important as the gift itself. And remember, just because this doesn't mean much to you (it receiving gifts isn't your love language), it is probably very important to your spouse.