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Who wrote the Iliad?


How many books were in the Iliad?

Dactylic Hexameter

What poetic verse was the Iliad written in?

1250 BCE - 1240 BCE

When did the Trojan War take place?

10 years

How long was the Trojan War?

Greeks and Trojans

Who fought the Trojan War?


Originally, who told the tale of the Trojan War for centuries?

Asia Minor (Present day Turkey)

Where was Troy geographically located?


Eris is the evil goddess of ________.
*She was the goddess who threw the golden apple into the party.

For the Fairest

What did the golden apple say?

Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite

Which three goddesses claimed the golden apple?


Which goddess offered Paris to make him lord of Europe and Asia?


Which goddess offered to make sure that Paris lead the Trojans to victory against the Greeks?


Which goddess offered Paris the most beautiful woman in all the world (Helen)?


Which goddess did Paris choose?


Who was Helen already married to?


Who was Helen's brother-in-law?

Oath of Tyndareus

What was the oath that required Greek chieftains to join this war?


Which goddess did the Greeks offend by killing a sacred hare?
*She caused winds so strong that 1,000 ships were unable to leave the harbor.


Who was Agamemnon's eldest daughter who was sacrificed to appease a goddess?


Who was the commander-in-chief of the Greeks?

King Priam and Queen Hecuba

Who ruled the Trojans?


Which Greek died because he was the first to set foot on the Trojan's land?


A quarrel erupted in the ___th year of the Trojan War because of two 'prize women', Chryseis and Briseis. Chryseis' father, a priest to Apollo, prayed to the sun god to save her. Apollo shot down fiery arrows and made many people sick. Agamemnon gave Chryseis back to her father, but stole Briseis from Achilles. Achilles then refused to fight because he felt dishonored.


Who was Hector's wife?


Who was Hector's son?


Who was the oldest Greek Chieftains?
*He persuaded Agamemnon to try to make amends with Achilles for stealing Briseis.
*Unfortunately for the Greeks, Achilles refused to fight because he was dishonored by them. Achilles told them that "not all the treasures of Egypt could buy him".


Who was Achilles' friend who wore his armor and then was killed by Hector?


Which god did Thetis get her son's armor from?


What did the Roman poet Virgil write?


Who received Achilles' armor after he was killed?

Shame (for killing livestock due to madness caused by Athena)

Why did Ajax kill himself?
*He felt dishonored because he didn't get the armor
*Decided to kill his superiors, but...


Who had Hercules' bow and arrow?
*He was abandoned on an island because of a snake bite.
*A Trojan prophet Helenus told the Greeks that they wouldn't be able to win without his bow and arrows.


Who did Philoctetes kill first with his bow and arrows?


What was the name of the sacred image of Palla Athena?
*The Greeks stole it because they knew they couldn't win with Athena's presence guarding the Trojans.


Who thought of the idea of the Trojan Horse?


Who was the man who stayed out of the horse to lie to the Trojans?
*He said he was going to be a sacrifice to Athena; escaped and no longer wants to be a Greek.


Which god killed Laocoon with two sea serpents when he expressed suspicion about Sinon's story?


Who was the only surviving Trojan warrior?
*He survived with the help of him mother, Aphrodite.

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