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German for attention


former middle eastern British colony, now part of Yemen


pure, superior Germanic race

Babylon captivity

Babylonians destroyed the first temple in Jerusalem in 86 B.C.E. and exiled the Jews to Babylonia


WWI derogatory French slang for a German, usually a soldier


Jewish mysticism, including numerology


literally, the place near Jerusalem where Jesus was crucified; here, used metaphorically to mean an experience of intense agony or grief

Death's head

skull insignia for SS officers working in concentration camps


a system of gov. with centralized authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship and usually a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism


German acronym for the German Secret State Police, part of the SS notorious for terrorism against enemies of the state


small groups of soldiers, often volunteers, who make surprise attacks and raids behind enemy lines


Pejorative term for Roma or Romany, an ethnic group with roots in India which suffered large losses in the Holocaust


movement of Orthodox Judaism with strong mystical and emotional elements

Heinrich Himmler

head of SS and principal planner of Jews' total elimination

Adolf Hitler

dictator of Germany

Admiral Miklos Horthy

regent of Hungary who was forced by the Nazis to relinquish power to the Nylias Hungarian Fascist party after Nazi invasion


Jewish mysticism related to interpretation of Scripture


a prayer in Aramaic praising God; the mourner's Kaddish is said for the dead


concentration camp prisoners who were given special priveleges in return for supervising other prisoners or work crews; often common criminals who were notorious for their brutality toward fellow inmates


a man described in the Books of John and Luke as having been raised from the dead by Jesus


German for "go on!"


Jewish rabbi, physician and philosopher


German for Muslim

Nyilas party

Hungarion for Arrow Cross, a fascist anti-semitic party which assumed power in late 1944 and assisted the SS in deportations of Jews


In Hebrew, tefellin; Greek word for two black leather cubes, worn during daily morning prayer which contain verses from the Torah

Red Army

the regular army of the former Soviet Union

Rosh Hashana

Jewish New Year

Spanish Inquisition

brutal campaign by Roman Catholic church to punish nonbelievers including Jews and Muslims


the most important compilation of Jewish oral tradition

Yom Kippur

Day of Atonment; holiest day of Jewish year when Jews fast and pray for forgiveness of their sins


political movement advocating the establishment of a Jewish state


from the Hebrew meaning light of splendor; one of the major works of the Cabbala


a style or movement in the arts that aims to break with classical and traditional forms


a philosophical theory or approach that emphasizes the existence of the individual person as a free and responsible agent determining their own development through acts of the will; emphasizes freedom of choice and personal responsibility but who regards human existence in a hostile universe as unexplainable

magical realism

an aesthetic style or genre of fiction in which magical elements are blended into a realistic atmosphere in order to access a deeper understanding of reality

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