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AOMA Dr. He 2012

mu xiang, xiang fu, chen xiang, chuan lian zi, li zhi he, hou po, zhi shi, chen pi

herbs to regulate qi for stomach pain?

mu xiang

promotes movement of qi of sp and st, reg. qi of intestines, alleviates pain?

xiang fu

spreads and regulates liver qi, relieves emotional distress and disharmony of liver and spleen?

chen xiang

promotes movement of qi of sp and st, warms the middle, stops vomiting alleviates pain?

chuan lian zi

promotes movement of qi, harmonizes liver and st, alleviates hypochondriac pain- cold herb?

li zhi he

promotes movement of qi, alleviates pain, disperses cold?

hou po, zhi shi

herbs used together for epigastric disorders but are not specific to alleviate pain?

wu yao

promotes movement of qi, alleviates pain- especially useful in cold conditions?

gan jiang, sheng jiang, ding xiang, wu zhu yu, xiao hui xiang, hua jiao, gao liang jiang, rou gui

herbs to warm the middle burner for stomach pain?

gan jiang, sheng jiang

warm the middle burner, expel cold, alleviate digestive discomfort. 1.hotter 2.harmonizer

ding xiang, hua jiao, gao liang jiang

herbs that warm the middle and alleviate pain?

wu zhu yu

warms the spleen, redirects rebellious qi downward, stops vomiting?

xiao hui xiang

warms interior, expels cold, reg. qi, harmonizes St, alleviates pain?

rou gui

warms the spleen, expels cold, relieves pain?

san qi, yu jin, yan hu suo, chuan xiong, mo yao, ru xiang, wu ling zhi, pu huang, san leng, e zhu

herbs to remove stasis for stomach pain?

san qi

stops bleeding and transforms stasis?

yu jin, yan hu suo, chuan xiong

herbs to invigorate blood, promote movement of qi and relieve pain?

mo yao, ru xiang

two herbs to invigorate blood and relieve pain 1.dispels stasis 2.promotes movement of qi - primarily used for trauma?

wu ling zhi, pu huang

herbs to invigorate blood, dispel stasis, relieve pain, stop bleeding - Shi xiao san?

san leng, e zhu

two herbs strongly break up blood stasis, promote movement of qi, alleviate pain and dissolve accumulations of food?

gan cao, yi tang, feng mi, bai shao, dang gui

herbs to tonify for stomach pain?

gan cao, bai shao

herbs together to moderate spasms, 1.tonifies the middle 2.calms the liver, alleviates pain

yi tang, feng mi

two herbs to tonify the spleen/middle burner and alleviate pain?

dang gui

tonifies and invigorates blood, moistens intestines and unblocks bowels?

mai dong, sha shen, shi hu

herbs to nourish yin for stomach pain?

lai fu zi, shan zha, shen qu, mai ya, ji nei jin

herbs to treat food stagnation for stomach pain?

mu dan pi, chi shao

two herbs to clear heat, cool blood, invigorate blood, indirectly stop bleeding- used for inflammation to reduce swelling and pressure pain?

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