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TKAM: chapters 1-4


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where does Scout live?
Maycomb County
How old are scout and Jem when the story starts?
6 and nearly 10
who is their new friend?
Charles "Dill" Baker Harris
What is the name of the odd family in Maycomb country?
Why does Jem touch the Radley house?
Dill dared him to, and Jem never declines a dare.
How does Scout feel about starting school?
she longed to go to school
What things does Scout get in trouble for at school?
she could already read and write and then had to explain the Cunningham family to Miss Caroline
Why won't Walter Cunningham take Miss Caroline's quarter?
He could never pay her back
How does Walter Cunningham Sr. pay Atticus for his legal work?
With things grown or taken from the Cunningham farm.
What do Walter Cunningham and Atticus discuss at lunch?
How things are going with the farm.
How does Calpurnia tell Scout to behave during lunch?
She tells her she is no better than anyone else.
What does Scout ask Atticus to do about her schooling?
Teach her himself
What compromise do Scout and Atticus reach about school?
Scout goes to school and they continue reading at home.
Why does Jem push Scout extra hard in the tire?
He is mad at her because she made fun of his fear of hotsteams.
Where do Scout and the tire land?
In the Radley's yard
What new drama does Jem suggest they play?
Boo Radley
What are two reasons the new play makes Scout nervous?`
she is afraid of Boo and Atticus told them not to bother the Radleys.