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Exam 2 Part ii


annual flood deposited layer of salt, renewing the fertility of the soil and ensuring that the country was prosperous and the population suffieciently fed


"mumiyah" in arabic (body preserved by wax or bitumen)


Immortal soul


the embalming shop

Hery Sheshta

Chief embalmer


God of mummification


drying salt that gets put into the bodies

Canopic jars

jars that organs went into


Eye of Horus, healing and protection

Nile River

on the day of burial, the body is brought here on a barque; geometric influence, very straight, symbolic sense of direction


long part of the column, usually resembles bundles of plant stems


top of columns, usually look like a lotus bud, the papyrus flower, or the palm frond


Cities of the dead


bench-like structure over graves; first burial structures; located in necropolis, sun baked bricks about 30' high, flat roof and sloping walls, decorated with painted patterns in brilliant colors; three spaces, underground burial chamber (30' below ground, place for sarcophagus), above ground serdab (above ground, ka statue kept, place where family worshiped dead, typically coloful to deceive the gods into letting the ka enter the afterlife, false door) and chapel.

Imhotep's Step Pyramid of King Djoser

2950 - 2575 BCE, Saqqara


god of the sun

Pyramid of King Huni at Meidum

2637 BCE, Medium

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