Understanding Disabilities Quiz 1

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act 1974
- All children regardless of ability or disability have the right to a free and appropriate education.
- Segregated but getting an education
Least restrictive environment
- Being alongside typical kids
Individualized education plan
- Who gets and IEP (diagnosed impairment, demonstrated need for extra support)
-Goals/measurable (evaluated, scores)
-Team of people helping out: school counselor, psychologist, teachers, parent/guardian
-Written once or twice a year
Americans with disabilities act 1990
-Employment (Cannot ask someone if they have a disability, cannot fire or hire them because of their disability, reasonable accommodation during hiring, application, work)
-Transportation (all public transportation has to have accommodations)
-Public services (fun stuff should be accessible)
-Government services
-Communication Services
Developmental Disability
-Diagnosed by the age of 18 or 21
-Life long disability
-Significant impact on someones life
-Intellectual disabilities
- Social Disabilities
-Physical Disabilities
-Developmental Disabilities