Hrb. Trmnt. of Dz 1 Class 8 (Stomach Pain Formulas)

AOMA Dr.He 2012
liang fu wan
st pain: cold invasion?
bao he wan
st pain: food stagnation?
chai hu shu gan san
st pain: liver overacting on st?
jia wei xiao yao san, zuo jin wan
st pain: stagnated heat in the liver and st, two options?
shi xiao san, dan shen yin
st pain: blood stasis?
shao yao gan cao tang, yi guan jian or mai men dong
formulas for st pain: stomach yin xu?
huang qi jian zhong tang
st pain: spleen and stomach xu cold?
fu zi li zhong wan
st pain: severe xu cold?
liang fu wan
sudden epigastric cramping aggravated by cold: hx of being cold, catching cold, ingestion of very cold foods, nausea or vomiting, aversion to cold, no thirst. tongue is pale red with white coating, pulse is tight, wiry? looks like st flu
bao he wan
epigastric bloating painful to touch, decreased appetite, smelly belching, little one's may cry, nausea and possible vomiting of undigested food, aversion to food smells; sticky smelly stools, feel better after passing gas or BM, tongue coat is thick, greasy, and possibly yellow; pulse is slippery, wiry?
chai hu shu gan san
distending epigastric pain, worse with stress, sighing, irritability, belching, gas and bloating, chest tightness, sticky bowel movements or constipation; tongue body is pale red with thin coat; pulse is wiry?
jia wei xiao yao san
liver qi stagnation with heat?
zuo jin wan
acid regurgitation?
shi xiao san, dan shen yin
chronic, fixed, epigastric pain; stabbing pain, st ulcer, worse after eating or while sleeping, worse with stress, black stool, tongue is dark with spots; pulse is wiry, choppy?
qing zhong tang
burning pain in epigastrum, irregular diet, bitter taste, thirst no desire to drink, nausea, acid reflux, poor appetite, heaviness in head and body, lassitude, sticky smelly stool, yellow smelly urine; tongue is red with yellow greasy coat; pulse is soggy and rapid?
shao yao gan cao tang, yi guan jian
chronic atrophic gastritis, possible H-pylori; burning or dull discomfort, no acid reflux, hunger with no desire to eat, weight loss, thirst, dry mouth, dry stool, malar flush, nighttime heat; maybe alcoholic, tongue is red with scanty or peeled coat; pulse is thready and rapid?
huang qi jian zhong tang
chronic, mild, dull aching alleviated by touch and warmth and food, aversion to cold, catches cold, tiredness, fatigue, weakness, nausea with occasional vomiting of clear fluid, loose stools, cold limbs; tongue is pale and swollen with teeth marks and thin white coat; pulse is soggy and weak?
qing zhong tang
st pain: damp heat accumulation in st?