Classical Greek Architecture

18 terms by ShannonM92

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Exam 2 Part IV


"mater carpenter"


the transformation from wood structures to stone


Design based on right angles (Post-and-lintel construction)


the outward bulging in the middle of Greek columns (making the column not seem so straight and weak; optical illusion)


central interior space, where cult image located

Four basic sections of a Greek Temple

Stylobate, column, entablature & pediment


Three "steps"


Base (except Doric), shaft and capital


Ceiling of temple; architrave (the beam that rests on the capital), frieze (a sculpted band usually with carvins inside [metope are the images and triglyph are the three barred designs in b/w representing the cut wood]) adn cornince (a crowning trim)


Sloping cornice (angled beam at the top), tympanum (triangluar part below with carvings and decoration) & antifixae/acroterion (carved features attached to the roof [antefixes are the 2D on roof edges and acroterion are the 3D on corners])


Shortest and widest, temple heavier in appearance, plain, cylindrical blocks called drums, baseless


More elegant, capital's scroll-like volutes, thinner and taller, base


Tallest, most elegant, most majestic, foliated capitals (delineated by acanthus leaf carvings), bases


Open area or porch in the front of the temple


a naos with a pronaos at either end


columns around structure


second colonnade (double peristyle)


Excellence of any kind

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