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Subdivision between sections of a play

Acting Area

That area within the performance space within which the actor may move in full view of the audience


A passage through seating


Section of the stage floor which projects towards or into the auditorium.


Assistant Stage Manager


The part of the theatre accommodating the audience during the performance. Sometimes known as the 'house'


The part of the stage and theatre which is out of the sight of the audience. The service areas of the theatre


Complete absence of stage lighting


The process of arranging moves to be made by the actors during the play

Box Office

Part of the theatre front of house area where audience members can buy tickets

Break a Leg

A superstitious and widely accepted alternative to 'Good Luck' (which is considered bad luck).


The members of the acting company


The cast, crew and other staff associated with a show


Clothes worn by the actors onstage. The responsibility of the WARDROBE DEPARTMENT.

Curtain Call

At the end of a performance, the acknowledgement of applause by actors - the bows


A venue that has been closed to the public


The spoken text of a play - conversations between characters is dialogue


Afternoon performance of a show


Anything in position before the beginning of a scene or act


Furnishings, set dressings, and all items large and small which cannot be classified as scenery, electrics or wardrobe.


The out of view areas to the sides of the acting area.


Person (male or female) who's role is to play a character other than his/her own


Process where the director or casting director of a production asks actors / actresses / performers to show him/her what they can do


Form of performance with no spoken words


Following a rehearsal (or an early performance in a run) the director will give notes to the cast and crew about where to make changes, improvements, cuts etc


A session when actors are called to work through some scenes from the play in private

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