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  1. otis brothers
  2. fanny crosby
  3. 1890
  4. benjamin harrison
  5. wainwright building
  1. a produced elevators
  2. b published Blessed Assurance
  3. c year when US census say the frontier had been settled
  4. d first modern American skyscraper
  5. e was influential in admitting six western states during his term

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  1. inluded in the populist party
  2. provided us with a pictoral history of american life
  3. first estate to allow women's suffrage
  4. where gold was discovered
  5. regulated railroads

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  1. entrepreneurdeveloped oil refining techniques


  2. rockefellerfavored a gold standard


  3. ben-hurwas written by Wallace


  4. clevelanddeveloped use of peanut


  5. black hillsHoosier poet