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  1. steel
  2. entrepreneur
  3. john sousa
  4. wyoming
  5. homestead act
  1. a opened the great plains for settlement in 1862
  2. b one who risks personal loss to develop and market a new product
  3. c first estate to allow women's suffrage
  4. d reason for Carnegie's fortune
  5. e the March king

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  1. works were published after her death
  2. first Democrat to be elected President after civil war
  3. well known for painting cowboys and indians
  4. drilled the firs oil well
  5. developed oil refining techniques

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  1. benjamin harrisonworks were published after her death


  2. otis brothersproduced elevators


  3. free silverHoosier poet


  4. chester arthurlegislated Pendleton act


  5. new inventionsdiscovered incandescent light bulb