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  1. ben-hur
  2. chester arthur
  3. promontory point
  4. fanny crosby
  5. colorado
  1. a was written by Wallace
  2. b became President after the assassination of Garfield
  3. c workers completed the first transcontinental railroad
  4. d published Blessed Assurance
  5. e where gold was discovered

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  1. moody's song leader
  2. a great evangelist across America
  3. saved at the Pacific Garden Mission and later founded 67 rescue missions
  4. regulated railroads
  5. drilled the firs oil well

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  1. steelyear when US census say the frontier had been settled


  2. clevelandfirst Democrat to be elected President after civil war


  3. thomas edisondiscovered incandescent light bulb


  4. christopher sholesinvented the typewriter


  5. 1890regulated railroads