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  1. sod houses
  2. crazy horse
  3. ICC
  4. christopher sholes
  5. frederic remington
  1. a common type of housing for settlers on the prairie
  2. b regulated railroads
  3. c led the Indians in the battle at Little Bighorn
  4. d invented the typewriter
  5. e well known for painting cowboys and indians

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  1. not a reason that Chicago became a great prosperous city
  2. favored a gold standard
  3. first Democrat to be elected President after civil war
  4. was written by Wallace
  5. provided for examinations for civil service workers

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  1. benjamin harrisonwas influential in admitting six western states during his term


  2. rockefellermade fortune in the oil industry


  3. mel trottersaved at the Pacific Garden Mission and later founded 67 rescue missions


  4. dawes actopened the great plains for settlement in 1862


  5. edwin drakeencouraged the Indians to take up farming or ranching


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