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  1. free silver
  2. black hills
  3. fanny crosby
  4. frederic remington
  5. sod houses
  1. a common type of housing for settlers on the prairie
  2. b inluded in the populist party
  3. c sacred area of Sioux Indians
  4. d published Blessed Assurance
  5. e well known for painting cowboys and indians

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  1. shot after four months in office by a disappointed political office seeker
  2. he named 1865-1900, The Gilded Age
  3. Hoosier poet
  4. the March king
  5. wrote Little Women

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  1. clevelandreason for Carnegie's fortune


  2. otis brothersproduced elevators


  3. McKinleydeveloped use of peanut


  4. edisonregulated railroads


  5. Emily Dickinsonworks were published after her death


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