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  1. ira sankey
  2. mark twain
  3. homestead act
  4. colorado
  5. chester arthur
  1. a moody's song leader
  2. b opened the great plains for settlement in 1862
  3. c Centennial State
  4. d became President after the assassination of Garfield
  5. e he named 1865-1900, The Gilded Age

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  1. first modern American skyscraper
  2. discovered incandescent light bulb
  3. saved at the Pacific Garden Mission and later founded 67 rescue missions
  4. the greatest inventor in American History
  5. year when US census say the frontier had been settled

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  1. James RileyHoosier poet


  2. free silverinluded in the populist party


  3. fanny crosbyHoosier poet


  4. carverlegislated Pendleton act


  5. coloradoa great evangelist across America


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