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  1. edison
  2. mark twain
  3. dawes act
  4. entrepreneur
  5. rockefeller
  1. a discovered incandescent light bulb
  2. b one who risks personal loss to develop and market a new product
  3. c made fortune in the oil industry
  4. d he named 1865-1900, The Gilded Age
  5. e encouraged the Indians to take up farming or ranching

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  1. Hoosier poet
  2. first modern American skyscraper
  3. first estate to allow women's suffrage
  4. Centennial State
  5. legislated Pendleton act

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  1. garfielddeveloped use of peanut


  2. moodya great evangelist across America


  3. homestead actencouraged the Indians to take up farming or ranching


  4. currier and Ivesprovided us with a pictoral history of american life


  5. carverlegislated Pendleton act