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The minimum amount of stimulation a person needs to detect a stimulus 50% of the time is called

absolute threshold.

People's response to subliminal priming indicates that

they are capable of processing information without any conscious awareness of doing so.

The principle that two stimuli must differ by a constant proportion for their difference to be perceived is known as

Weber's law.

The constant quivering movements of our eyes enable us to

do all of these things.

Which cells for visual processing are located closest to the back of the retina?

rods and cones

Ms. Shields, a recent stroke victim, cannot consciously perceive the large book on the coffee table. Yet, when urged to identify the book, she correctly reads aloud the printed title on the cover. Her response best illustrates


Pleasant memories are most likely to be evoked by exposure to

fragrant odors.

A gestalt is best described as a

organized whole

Which of the following is a cue used by artists to convey depth on a flat canvas?


Perceiving objects as unchanging even as illumination and retinal images change is known as

perceptual constancy.

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