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6 History 10

6th Grade, History, Chapter 10
golden age
When is a country at its peak?
1. China
2. Japan
3. India
The Orient refers to countries in the Far East, such as?
inventions, works of art, intriguing stories
What did the golden periods in the Orient produce?
Tang dynasty & Song dynasty
What are the two dynasties in the golden age?
Silk Road
What did the Han dynasty see the opening of?
_______ during the Tang & Song dynasties produced some of China's finest literature.
life, nature, home, friendship, romance
What topics were many poems written about?
Many poems were put to _____?
the writing of history
What became important in history?
the history of the dynasty before them
What tradition did the Tang rulers begin, that each new dynasty would write _________?
philosophy, religion, politics, stories & fables
Besides history, other golden age literature included ____, ____, ____, ____, & ____.
block printing
The chinese developed as an easy way to make books called ___________?
1. carve a whole page of words into wood
2. rolled ink
3. put paper on top to print
Describe the process of block printing?
Diamond Sutra
What is the oldest known printed book?
What type of printing did they use during the Song dynasty, that the Chinese used?
1. first characters are carved onto wood blocks
2. the printer then arranged the characters to form a whole page
3. the blocks could be used to form a new page
Describe movable-type-printing:
Confucian Classics
What did the Chinese call the book that printed many of Confucius teachings?
What did the Chinese invent that was first used during the golden age?
religous and government
Gunpowder was first used in what celebrations?
What is one way they celebrate the New Year?
magnetic compass
What was first used for religious purposes, discovered by the chinese?
snow gauges, system of roads, bridges, canals & maps
Name some other inventions created by the chinese?
acupuncture & herbs
Name some Chinese medicines?
The Chinese also invented a thin, but strong, translucent pottery called________________
What is a payment sent to emperors to insure protection or show submission to an emperor?
What is used to make pottery & Chinese artifacts made from this are now rare and extremely valuable?
Who ruled india in the golden age?
The Gupta dynasty began with what king?
Chandragupta the 2nd (II)
The Gupta kingdome reached its peak under the ruler of ____?
The Gupta period was India's golden age of _____?
What ceremony did Hindu boys attend for a sacred cord ?
Sanskrit, alphabet & Indian language
What did Hindu boys learn?
Northern India
Where did king Chandragupta build an empire?
Who did the boys go live with after the ceremony & they were their teachers, they taught the boys the ritual phrases to be repeated each day?
What did the boys memorize that were the sacred Hindu texts?
What did the boys also learn which was performed for every activity including cooking, fighting or battle?
Arabic numerals
During the Gupta dynasty they used what numerals every day such as 1,2,3 etc...?
The Indians were the 1st people to use this & it was invented by the Mayas?
-decimal system
-accurate value for pi
-place values
+ and - numbers
-how to find square/cubic roots
-elementary algebra
What math concepts did the Hindus develop?
-principle of gravity
-atoms make up matter
-discovered that the earth & all planets are spheres
-found the earth rotates
-correct value for earth's diameter
What science concepts did the Hindus develop?
-dissecting human corpses
-performed some surgeries
-applied first aid
What advances did the Hindus make in medicine?
fables & fairy tales
What types of literature was popular during the Gupta age?
Many of today's traditional stories are based on early Indian ______?
What was complex & a favorite pastime of the people of the court?