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(n) a joining togetehr for some common purpose
s: pact, league, coalition
a: rift, split


(v) to puzzle completely, confuse
s: baffle, perplex
a: set straight, enlighten


(n) a clown, a coarse stupid person
s: jester, fool


(adj) arousing agreement, dispute, or disagreement
s: arguable, debateable


(v) to discourage
s: dismay, demoralize, dispirit
a: encourage, hearten


(adj) not producing the desire results, unsuccessful
s: useless, vien, unproductive, futile
a: productive, effective


(adj) unfriendly, unfavorable, warlike, agressive
a: friendly, cordial, peaceful


(adj) easily set on fire, easily angered or aroused
s: combustable, flamable, excitable
a: fireproof, fire resistant, calm


(v) to give or cause something unpleasent, impose
s: deal out, visit upon,
a: suffer, undergo, sustain


(adj) deadly, extremely harmful, evil,spiteful, malicious
S: leathal, wicked
a: wholesome, beneficial, benign


(v) to hurt someones feelings deeply, to cause embarrassment or humilation, to subdue or discipline by self- denial or suffering
s: humilate, embarrass, abash


(adj) an agreement with established or general accepted beliefes or ways of doing things
s: traditional, standard, customary
a: unusual, unconventional, heretical


(v) to obtain through special effort, to bring about
s: gain, acquire, achieve


(v) to run quickly, scamper, hurry
a: trudge, plod, creep, crawl


(adj) soaked with liquid or moisture, expressionless, dull, spirtless, listless
s: drenched, water logged, saturated
a: parched, arid


(adj) full of life and vigor, courageous
s: lively, animated, gallant
a: lifeless, dull, lackluster


(adj) having a certain force or effect in fact but not in name, so close as to be equivalent to the real thing.
s: functioning as, equivalent to


(adj) completely empty, having no legal force or effect
(n) empty or unfilled space
(v) to cancel or nulify
s: invailid, vacant, bare
a: in effect, teeming with, confirm


(adj) disobediant, willful, unpredctable, capricious
s: perserve
a: docile, well - behved, predictable


(v) to draw back suddenly, as though in pain or fear
(n) the act of drawing back in this way
s: flinch, shudder, recoil


(n) a short account of a inccident in someones life
s: tail, sotry, sketch, vignette, yarn


(v) to combine, unite, to make solide or firm
s: strengthen, firm up, merge
a: scatter, disperse, dissipate, seperate


(n) an imitation designed to decieve
(adj) not genuine, fake
(v) to make an illegal copy
s: fasle, phony, bogus
a: genuine, real, authentic


(adj) easily taught, led, or managed, obedient
s: manageable, teachable, pliant
a: unruly, wayward, intractable, disobedient


(v) to rule over by strength or power, control, to tower over, demand due to height
s: control, govern, overlook


(v) to beg, implore, as earnestly
s: plead, beseech
a: clamor for


(adj) capable of being wrong, mistaken or inaccurate
s: imperfect, errant
a: foolproof, unfailing, flawless


(adj) liableto change very rapidly, erractic, marked by a lack of constancy or steadiness, inconsistent
s: capricious, inconstant, faithless
a: constant, steady, invariable


(n) one who flees or runs away
(Adj) fleeting, lasting a very short time, wandering, difficult to grasp
s: runaway, deserter, elcusive
a: lasting, enduring, permanent


(adj) very dirty, covered with dirt or soot
s: flithy, sooty, soiled, dirt encrusted
a: spotless, spick and span, immaculate


(n) a very small part or quantity
s: speck, dab, jot, bit, smidgen
a: flood, deluge, avalanche, glut


(v) to beat or knock about, handel roughly, to mangle
(n) a heavy hammer
s: rough up, manhandle, batter


(adj) possible, able to happen,
(n) something that can develope or become a reality
s: possiblility, capability
a: actual, unlikely, impossible

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