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21 terms

St.Jude 07.23.09

Para que
so that
Más vale que
It is best that
Es posible que
It is possible that
De manera que
In such a way that
Le agradezco mucho que
I appreciate greatly that
Le agradezco muchísimo que nos hayas prestado el coche
I really appreciate your having lent us the car
Me pidó que no fuera a su casa
She asked not to go to her house
Me gustaría que fueras conmigo
I would like it if you were to come with me
Nos gustaría que nos dijeras todo
We would like you to tell us everything
Tuvimos que cerrar la puerta para que nadie nos viera.
We had to shut the door so that no one would see us
Me gustaría que nos llamara lo antes posible
I would like you to call us as soon as possible
Espero que no la hayas llamado
I hope that you have not called her.
No creo que le hayas dicho eso
I can't believe that you have said that to her.
Traeremos la nieta de Gustavo para que la conozcas
We will bring Gustav's grand daughter so that ou can meet her.
Permíteme que te de un consejo
Allow me to give you a piece of advice.
Tuvimos que cerrar la puerta para que nadie entrara
We had to shut the door so that no one would enter.
Te toca a ti.
It's your turn.
Nos toca a nosotros
It's our turn.
Le toca a Ud a jugar.
It's your turn to play.
Me parece mentira que gastaras todo el dinero.
It seems unreal to me that you wasted all the money.
Ningunos creen que él gastara el dinero.
None (of them) believe that he wasted teh money.