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  1. Huntington's
  2. Law of Segregation
  3. homozygous
  4. What Antibodies does AB contain?
  5. In a pedigree how are carriers depicted?
  1. a degeneration of the nervous system—autosomal dominant
  2. b none
  3. c when 2 alleles are the same
  4. d chromosome pairs separate and each go into different gametes
  5. e half shaded

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  1. sickle shaped cells from mutated hemoglobin-autosomal recessive
  2. a protein found on the surface of a cell which triggers antibody formation
  3. genetic makeup
  4. buildup of mucus causing digestive and lung problems-autosomal recessive
  5. more than 1 phenotype caused by combination of alleles

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  1. phenotypegenetic makeup


  2. hybrida mixture of 2 true breeding strains


  3. Tay Sachsa lysosomal storage disease allowing buildup of lipids and damages nervous system-autosomal recessive


  4. Leigh'sconnective tissue disorder that damages structural components of body-autosomal dominant


  5. locuslocation of gene on a chromosome