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  1. Marfan's
  2. What Antibodies does A contain?
  3. cystic fibrosis
  4. phenylketonuria
  5. porphyria
  1. a hemoglobin can't carry oxygen-autosomal dominant
  2. b can't break down phenylalanine-autosomal recessive
  3. c anti B
  4. d buildup of mucus causing digestive and lung problems-autosomal recessive
  5. e connective tissue disorder that damages structural components of body-autosomal dominant

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  1. location of gene on a chromosome
  2. when homologous pairs line up it is random
  3. physical makeup
  4. heterozygous form is inbetween dominant and recessive
  5. the cellular portion of blood

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  1. autosomal dominanta phenotype that is recessive and located on a non sex chromosome


  2. In a pedigree how are males depicted?squares


  3. heterozygouswhen 2 alleles are different


  4. What Antibodies does B contain?anti-A


  5. homozygouswhen 2 alleles are the same