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  1. If a person has blood type A negative, what blood type could they receive with a transfusion?
  2. Tay Sachs
  3. If Tom needs a transfusion, what blood type can he receive? He has AB positive blood.
  4. multiple alleles
  5. codominance
  1. a more than 1 allele is dominant
  2. b a lysosomal storage disease allowing buildup of lipids and damages nervous system-autosomal recessive
  3. c more than 1 phenotype caused by combination of alleles
  4. d A negative or O negative
  5. e Any type

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  1. Fatigue
  2. anti B
  3. mitochondrial disorder that affects only certain cells—mutation
  4. heterozygous form is inbetween dominant and recessive
  5. not all cells are affected

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  1. Law of Unit Pairsgenes exist in pairs


  2. Huntington'sdegeneration of the nervous system—autosomal dominant


  3. pleiotropywhen a single gene disorder causes many phenotypes


  4. Joe has type homozygous A blood and his wife has heterozygous B. What are the possible blood types for their children?AB and A


  5. In a pedigree how are males depicted?circles