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  1. Law of Dominance
  2. In a pedigree how are afflicted individuals depicted?
  3. antigen
  4. recessive
  5. What is the main symptom of Leigh's and MELAS?
  1. a Fatigue
  2. b need 2 to be expressed
  3. c completely shaded
  4. d the dominant gene is always expressed
  5. e a protein found on the surface of a cell which triggers antibody formation

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  1. physical makeup
  2. heterozygous form is inbetween dominant and recessive
  3. a phenotype that is dominant and located on a non sex chromosome
  4. when 2 alleles are the same
  5. connective tissue disorder that damages structural components of body-autosomal dominant

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  1. codominancegene that is always expressed


  2. Leigh'smitochondrial disorder that affects only certain cells—mutation


  3. heterozygouswhen 2 alleles are the same


  4. dihybridcrossing 2 traits


  5. If Tom needs a transfusion, what blood type can he receive? He has AB positive blood.Any type