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  1. dihybrid
  2. allele
  3. true-breeding stains
  4. multiple alleles
  5. antibodies
  1. a crossing 2 traits
  2. b more than 1 phenotype caused by combination of alleles
  3. c proteins found in the plasma of blood and bind with antigens
  4. d alternate form of a gene
  5. e strain that both genes are the same for a characteristic

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  1. none
  2. mitochondrial disorder that causes buildup of lactic acid—mutation
  3. physical makeup
  4. A negative or O negative
  5. hemoglobin can't carry oxygen-autosomal dominant

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  1. Leigh'sconnective tissue disorder that damages structural components of body-autosomal dominant


  2. carriera person that carries a recessive gene but does not exhibit the symptoms of the disease


  3. Tay Sachsa lysosomal storage disease allowing buildup of lipids and damages nervous system-autosomal recessive


  4. cystic fibrosisbuildup of mucus causing digestive and lung problems-autosomal recessive


  5. autosomal recessivemore than 1 phenotype caused by combination of alleles