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Section One Study Questions

London's busy entertainment district and home to Leicester Square.

Picadilly Circus

Home of the Rosetta Stone and other important artifacts and works of art.

British Museum

Home to British parliament and the clock tower with the bell Big Ben.

New Palace of Westminster

Special church where coronations and other important events take place, including royal weddings.

Westminster Abbey

Shakespeare's original Globe Theater was in this area of London and many plays are performed there today.

West End

Half of parliament, red, houses the monarch's throne.

House of Lords

Half of parliament, green, where the day-to-day business of government takes place.

House of Commons

London home of the monarchs.

Buckingham Palace

World's tallest observation wheel.

London Eye

Home of Nelson's column and the National Gallery museum.

Trafalger Square

Oldest park in London.

St. James's Park

The Queen's 900-year-old weekend home.

Windsor Castle

Official home of the Prime Minister.


Famous domed church designed by Sir Christopher Wren, built as a replacement for the cathedral lost in the 1666 London fire.

St. Paul's

The national beverage of London, replacing ale, traditionally enjoyed at 4 o'clock.


Document used to show citizenship for travel between countries.


Nicknames for London's subway system.

The Tube, Underground, Metro, etc.

Reasons the Thames Tunnel is significant.

World's first underground tunnel, etc.

What is found at Madame Tussad's?

Wax statues

Name forms of public transportation used in London.

Taxi cabs, hackney carriages, double-decker buses, subway system, etc.

Besides six ravens, name things found in the Tower of London.

Crown jewels, apartments, prison cells, torture chambers, (ghosts?)...

Name London's largest airport.


Popular foods enjoyed in London include:

Fish and chips, bangers and mash, toad in the hole....

One pound sterling =

One hundred pence (form of British currency)

How does traveling between time zones effect people?

Causes desynchronosis, insomnia, tiredness...

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