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  1. catastrophe
  2. strategy
  3. misdeed
  4. sanctuary
  5. nourish
  1. a (n) the science or art of war; a plan or method of action
  2. b a holy place; a place of shelter and protection
  3. c a bad or illegal act
  4. d to keep up; to provide with food; to support; to encourage
  5. e a sudden, widespread disaster; a misfortune

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  1. wholeness; soundness; strength of character
  2. having legal force; well-grounded on principles or evidence
  3. a formal agreement between nations or people for a particular cause
  4. a collection of stories, poems, etc.
  5. the relationships between living things and their environments

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  1. motivateto give one the idea for; to incite; to urge to action


  2. mystical(adj) having spiritual meaning; mysterious; secret


  3. adventto refuse or resist openly; to dare; to withstand successfully


  4. intelligibleunavoidable; certain to happen


  5. sustainto support; to withstand; to provide for; to keep in existence