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Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin -- ju hua, dan shen, xia ku cao
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1. A 52 y.o. patient comes in with a headache, periodic dizziness and droopiness of the left corner of her mouth. This came on suddenly over the weekend after mowing the yard and quarreling with her husband. Her face and eyes are red. She is restless and thirsty for cold drinks. Her tongue is dark red with a thin yellow coat and her pulse is wiry. You choose to base your herbal treatment on:
4. A 67 y.o. patient you have been seeing for low back pain comes in with new symptoms. Two mornings ago, he awoke with difficulty talking and droopiness of his left cheek and corner of mouth. He says he finds it difficult to hold items in his left hand - that he can't hold his beer in one hand and the TV remote in the other anymore. His tongue is pale purple with a thick white coat and it quivers and deviates to the right when he holds it out. His pulse is slippery and rough. You choose to base your herbal treatment on:
8. A student complains of poor memory, difficulty in concentrating and foggy thinking during the past 6 months. He has been in a strenuous first professional degree program for 2 years and has 1.5 years left to go. The student gets a headache with a heaviness sensation, chest tightness, reduced appetite, and loose stool. He primarily eats fast foods and packaged items from convenience stores. Tongue has a greasy coat and the pulse is wiry. You choose two base formulas to develop an herbal prescription:
10. A daughter has brought in her elderly mother whose short-term memory has been declining for the past couple of years. Recently she has been confused in thought and cannot do simple mental tasks such as make out a grocery list, organize cleaned laundry or read the paper. She has been using a walker for a year due to weakness in walking and a tendency for dizziness. Tongue is pale and pulse is thin and weak. You choose which base formula(s):
lu jiao/ lu rong, gui ban, zi he she, he shou wu, shu ditreat dementia due to kd essence deficiencyfu zi, gan jiang, rou gui, wu jia shen/ ci wu jia, wu jia pitreat yang deficiency causing somnolencedian kuang meng xin dan: zhu li, tao ren, xiang fu, huang lian, meng shi13. A 22 y.o. patient comes in with fatigue. He wants to be able to rest. He says he has been up for three days finishing up a project on deadline. He is worried he may get fired because he had gotten very angry the last couple of days. You find that he is restless, evasive, talks constantly but in circles and is difficult to follow. His complexion is dark, tongue is purple with dark spots with a thick coat, and his pulse is rough, slippery and rapid. You choose to base your herbal treatment on:gui pi tang: he huan pi, dan shen15. A woman of 33 years comes in with a two-year history of epilepsy with no known cause. She is on medication. She complains of fatigue and lack of motivation, an inability to concentrate and her memory is poor. Her appetite is reduced, she has loose stools, pulse is thready and deep, and tongue is pale. The base formula for this case is:huang lian (zhu sha), dan shen, sheng di huang, lian xin, zhi zi, tian zhu huang [mu tong, dan zhu ye, deng xin cao]clear heart firehuang qin, xia ku cao, ju hua, zhi zi, long dan cao, mu dan pi, chi shaoclear liver firetian nan xing, dan nan xing, bai fu zi, di long, meng shi, zhu liexpel wind phlegm in channelsshi chang pu, yuan zhi, ban xiatransform turbidity in the mindchai hu shu gan san: chuan lian zi, yan hu suo, hai piao xiao, mu dan piy.o. man complains of pain in the epigastrium and hypochondria region that has come on in recent weeks. He constantly worries about losing his job, his mounting personal debt and losses in the stock market; he is easily angered and sighs frequently. He has tightness in the chest, belching, abdominal bloating and a bitter, acidic taste in his mouth. His tongue is slightly red with a thin white coat and pulse is wiry. You pick which herbal formula to base your prescriptionshao fu zhu yu tang: appendicitis, ectopic pregnancy, neoplastic growth (recommend MRI)20. A woman in her thirties complains of abdominal pain. It is located in the lower right quadrant and is always in the same place. It is almost constant but ranges from a 4 to an 8 (on a 1 to 10 scale). When it is severe it feels like a knife stabbing her. It started about a month ago and has been getting worse. Upon palpation, there is tightness medial to the right ASIS and her discomfort increases. Her tongue is dark purplish red and her pulse is thready and choppy. You start her on: