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OCCT 637 Lab Prob statements, COAST, SOAP notes

week 1
what are the three main points that should be included in a functional problem statement
occupation being impacted
underlying/limiting factor to be treated
If possible, a measuring device for the underlying factor
what type of problems should be identified in the probleme statement
Identify problems that you intend to treat
what are the three parts of a functional problem statement
level of assistance
area of occupation that is a concern
The contributing factors that are interfering with the client's engagement in that area of occupation
what is the formula for writting a problem statement
assist leve-performing what occupational task-contributing factor
what problems should be focused on
problems that are considered necessary and reimbursable by the funding source
Which type of goal is usually a discharge goal
what does a STG support
the discharge goal (LTG)
what type of goal is Client will complete functional mobility č Mod I using DME by 12/5/05
what does COAST stand for
C = Client
O = Occupation
A = Assist Level
S= Specific Conditions
T= Timeline
what is COAST used for?
writting goals
what is the essential focus of the goal statement
the occupation
what aspects can be included in specific condition
Adaptive equipment
Modified technique
Characteristics of the Objective section of the SOAP note
measurable, quantifiable, observable