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12 terms

Science Test on Immune System

1st Barrier
Skin, respiratory system, digestive system
2nd Barrier
Fever, inflammation
3rd barrier
White Blood Cells
Virus, bacteria, fungi, animal
Vaccine Creation Process
Incubation, placed into vile, separated from other materials, mixed with immune strengthening liquid, stored.
Types of vaccines
Live, Inactivated, Conjugated
Dead antigen
Disabled antigen
White blood cells
B and T cells
Vaccine discoverers
Lady Montague and Edward Jenner
Immune Response
APC presents the antigen, Helper T Cells call in phagocytes, B cells turn into Plasma B Cells and shoot antibodies, antibodies attach to antigen, Killer T Cells come in, Killer T cells turn into Activated Killer T Cells, Activated Killer T Cells kill antigen, all cells become memory cells.