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Formulas 3 Class 7 (Expel Dampness)

AOMA Dr.Song 2012
ping wei san
formula for dysfunction of spleen, disorder of mj qi movement, dampness blocks qi, dampness covers clear yang?
cang zhu, hou po, chen pi, gan cao
herbs in ping wei san to dry dampness, improve the sp's transporting function, promotes the movement of qi, and harmonizes St?
ping wei san
formula for fullness and distention in abdomen, thick greasy tongue coating: poor appetite, qi rebelling, lassitude, heaviness in limbs?
bu huang ji zheng qi san
ping wei san plus hou xiang and ban xia to treat MJ dampness with exterior cold syndrome?
huo xiang zheng qi san
formula for more internal dampness problem with external wind cold attack, usually taken when travelling?
huo xiang, bai zhu, fu ling, chen pi, ban xia, da fu pi, hou po, su ye, bai zhi, jie geng, sheng jiang, da zao, gan cao
herbs in huo xiang zheng qi san to release the exterior, transform dampness, regulate the qi, and harmonize the middles jiao?
huo xiang zheng qi san
formula for aversion to cold, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, white greasy tongue coating?
yin chen hao tang
formula for damp-heat jaundice- heat stronger than dampness?
yin chen, zhi zi, da huang
herbs in yin chen hao tang to clear heat, eliminate dampness, and reduce jaundice?
yin chen hao tang
formula for jaundice, bright yellow color, yellow greasy coating, deep rapid pulse or slippery rapid forceful pulse?
ba zheng san
formula for damp heat in the bladder? frequent urine, urgent urine, urine pain, yellow greasy tongue coating, slippery rapid pulse?
hua shi, chuan mu tong, qu mai, bian xu, che qian zi, zhi zi, da huang, gan cao, deng xin cao
herbs in ba zheng san to clear heat, promote urination and unblock painful urinary dysfunction?
san ren tang
formula for external damp heat attack with more damp than heat?
xing ren, bai kou ren, yi yi ren, hua shi, tong cao, zhu ye, ban xia, hou po
herbs in san ren tang to disseminate the qi, facilitate the qi mechanism, and clear damp-heat?
san ren tang
formula for aversion to cold, headache, body pain and heaviness, afternoon fever, white tongue coating, no thirst?
er miao san
formula for damp-heat flows downward - bi syndrome in lower body, atrophy, leucorrhea, eczema in lower body, yellow greasy tongue?
huang bai, cang zhu, jiang zhi
herbs in er miao san to clear heat and dry dampness?
er miao san, chuan niu xi, yi yi ren
herbs in si miao wan to clear heat, eliminate dampness, sooth sinew, strengthen bones?
wu ling san
water retention due to bladder lost function of qi transforming?
ze xie, zhu ling, fu ling, bai zhu, gui zhi
herbs in wu ling san to promote urination, drain dampness, strengthen the spleen, warm the yang, and promote the transforming functions of qi?
zhu ling tang
formula for water retention with heat in the lower jiao?
zhu ling, ze xie, fu ling, hua shi, e jiao
herbs in zhu ling tang to promote urination, clear heat, and nourish the yin?