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  1. s'est effondrèee
  2. On a du boulot à fair
  3. lui serrant le bras
  4. partent à la poursuite
  5. faites-le entrer
  1. a squeezing his arm
  2. b chase after
  3. c bring him in
  4. d gave way
  5. e we've got work to do

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  1. gold-rimmed
  2. promoted to the position of
  3. you'll have to come back
  4. You should be ashamed of yourself
  5. at the end

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  1. réagissentreact


  2. on nous attendscratching


  3. prenant son courage à deux mainsretire


  4. le tienyours


  5. poste de policegravel road


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