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  1. tête de cerf
  2. partent à la poursuite
  3. au fond
  4. on nous attend
  5. N'as-tu pas honte
  1. a at the end
  2. b they're waiting for us
  3. c You should be ashamed of yourself
  4. d stuffed deer's head
  5. e chase after

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  1. to have fallen asleep
  2. summoning all his courage
  3. leather armchair
  4. to their rescue
  5. solved it!

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  1. Bon voyage de retour!bursts out laughing


  2. qui l'aurait crutakes on


  3. baisser les mainsput my hands down


  4. tout près deFrench classicist playwright who produced popular comedies that exposed the hypocrisies and follies of society.


  5. à plumesyours


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