76 terms

bju press cultural geography chapter 5 part B and C

the largest country in Europe
republic Roman Catholic temperate
the government of France is a ________, the religion of France is predominately _______ _______, and the climate is ____________
Seine River
the river that flows through Paris
Loire River
the longest river in France
runs along the coast of France to the Seine River
Mount Blanc
the highest mountain in the Alps at 15,771 ft.
an island in the Mediterranean Sea owned by France also the birthplace of Napoleon
Massif Central
a mountainous plateau in south-central France
Canal du Midi
completes a link between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea
Pyrenees Mountains
rise south of Toulouse and form the border with Spain
constitutional monarchy Roman Catholic temperate marine
the government of the Netherlands is a _______________ ______________,the religion of the Netherlands is 30% ________ ___________, and the climate is ___________ _______________
strong walls of stone and earth built to hold back seawater
parcels of land reclaimed from the sea
World Council of Churches
a international organization headquartered in Amsterdam dedicated to the movement of ecumenism
the movement that is removing doctrinal barriers between denominations
The Hague
home of the government of the Netherlands
Rhine River
one of the most important rivers in Europe
parliamentary democracy constitutional monarchy Roman Catholic
the government of Belgium is a _____________ ___________ and a __________ ________. The religion is ________ _________
the capital and largest city of Belgium
the Northern region of Belgium
a series of rolling hills in Belgium
the Southern region of Belgium
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
an organization formed in 1949 to counter the aggressiveness of the Soviet Union
constitutional monarchy Roman Catholic modified continental
the government of Luxembourg is a __________ __________, the religion is _________ ___________, and the climate is __________ ___________
a country ruled by a duke
federal republic Roman Catholic Protestant temperate maritime
the government of Germany is a ________ _________, the religion is _________ ___________ and ___________, and the climate is __________ and __________
the capitol of Germany founded on the Spree River
Berlin Wall
a hated symbol of the division caused by the Cold War
Kiel Canal
directly links the North Sea with the Baltic Sea
a fine-grained soil deposited by the wind
the largest industrial region in Europe
Central Uplands
a system of plateaus starting with the Massif Central of France, streching through the low Jura Mountains and through Ardennes eastward through Germany into the Czech Republic
Black Forest
most famous feature of south-west Germany
Bavarian Alps
strech along Germany's entire southern border with Austria, but not as far south of Munich
the third-largest mountain system in the world
federal republic Protestant Roman Catholic temperate
the government of Switzerland is a _____________ _____________, the religon is 35% ____________ and 42% __________ _____________, and the climate is _____________
Swiss Plateau
lies between the Jura Mountains in the north and the Swiss Alps in the south
a warm, dry wind, blows from the Alps in the South
Swiss Alps
stretch across southern Switzerland
famous for its rare triple-cirque peak
self-governing districts in Switzerland
constitutional monarchy Roman Catholic continental
the government of Liechtenstein is a _________ _________, the religion is _________ _________, and the climate is ____________
federal republic Roman Catholic temperate continental
the government of Austria is a _________ _________, the religion is _________ ___________, and the climate is ____________, _______________
Danube River
winds through the foothills of the Alps
Austria's capital and the largest city in the country
Brenner Pass
the primary mountain pass that German invaders and merchants have used to reach Italy is the __________ _______, south of Innsbruck
Iberian Peninsula
contains the modern countries of Spain, Andorra, and Portugal
parliamentary monarchy Roman Catholic temperate
the government of Spain is a ___________ _________, the religion is _________ _________, and the climate is ___________
the capital city of Spain
the plateau in Spain meaning "tableland"
Spain's largest river that cuts through the Meseta
Strait of Gibraltar
the narrow eight mile-wide body of water separating Spain from Africa
an importan seaport throughout Spain's history
one of the three regions of Spain in which there is a second official language
Cantabrian Mountains
rise from the northern and northwestern edge of the Meseta and run parallel to the Atlantic
live in the eastern Cantabrian Mountains near the port of Bilbao
parliamentary democracy Roman Catholic temperate
the government of Andorra is a _____________ _____________, the religion is _________ ___________, and the climate is ___________
republic parliamentary democracy Roman Catholic maritime temperate
the government of Portugal is a _________ and a __________ ____________, the religion is _________ ___________, and the climate is _________ ____________
Portugal's capital and largest city
republic Roman Catholic Mediterranean
the government of Italy is a ________, the religion is ___________ ___________, and the climate is predominantly ____________
Apennine Mountains
stretch the length of the Italian Peninsula
Po River
the longest river in Italy
"the heal of the boot"
this region is cut off from the rest of Italy by the Apennines
the most populated island in the Mediterranean Sea
Mount Vesuvius
mainland Europe's only active volcano
located about one hundred miles off Italy's west coast
Mount Titano
lies at the heart of San Marino
parliamentary democracy Greek Orthodox
the government of Greece is a __________ ___________, and the religion is _______ ___________
a large peninsula in the south of
sits on a plain in southeastern Greece
a region of Greece
Roman Catholic
the largest religion in the world
lies southeast of mainland Greece at the south end of the Aegean Sea
Ionian Islands
lies off the west coast of Greece in the Ionian Sea
Aegean Islands
where the majority of Greece's islands are located
Eastern Orthodoxy
shares much in common with Roman Catholicism