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ENT II-Larynx

What does a vocal cord (singer's nodule) usually look like microscopically?
Squamous mucosa overlying myxoid stroma
In what 2 clinical settings are squamous papillomas found in the larynx?
Juvenile laryngeal papillomatosis and adult laryngeal papillomatosis
Which cytoplasmic structures cause the granules in granular cell tumor?
Which 3 stains stain the spindle cell part of spindle cell ca?
CK, EMA, p63
In basaloid SCC, what does the stroma often have? How do you differentiate it from adenoid cystic?
Hyalinized BM-like material in and around tumor nests; p63 stains only around periphery of the nests in adenoid cystic and in basaloid SCC, it stains diffusely throughout the tumor
What stains are helpful in adenosquamous ca?
Mucin stains to show mucin