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Fill in the blank

An ______ symbol indicates the paragraph to which an object is attached.


When a graphic is selected ______ ________ dispay aroud the edge of the graphic.


To align text to the contours of an irregularly shaped graphic, choose ______ Text Wrapping.


A banner is an example of a predifened ______ that can be inserted into a document.


Tab stops are aform of paragraph formatting and are stored in the _______ mark.


The tab alignment option that center text around a tab stop is the _____ tab.


A series of dots following a tab that serrve to guide the reader's eyes is known as a dot ______.


To move text aigned with tabs, select the text and drag the ______ _______ on the ruler.


To move from cel to cell across a table as you nter text, press ______.


To create a table in Word, clich the _______ button on the Insert tab.


When you press (tab) with the insertion point in the last cell in a table, a new ______ is added to the table.


On the Table Tools Design tab, click the ______ button to add gray or color to a table cell.


To set the alignment of a table on a page, dipay the Tabletab of the ______ ______ dialog box.


A predifened set of table formatting characteristics, including font, alignment, and cell shading is called a Table ______.


To combine two or more cells into one cell, use thte _______ butoon on the layout Tab.


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