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test 3-9-12


push or pull


an object that sticks to iron


a specific kind of force


when magnets pull together


when magnets push apart

temporary magnet

a piece of iron that behaves like a magnet when it is touching a permanent magnet

induced magnetism

the influence of a permanent magnet's magnetic field on a piece of iron, which makes the iron act like a magnet


somethng you use to gather evidence about something you can't see


organizes data visually to show a relationship between two things


an educated guess based on data or previous experience

What do magnest stick to?


What do magnets do?

attract or repel

What do all magnet have?

a north and south pole

What can magnetism be induced in?

iron or steel and a few other metals

Does the magnetic force get stronger or weaker the greater the distance between the two magnets?


What can be used to detect a magnetic field?

compasses, iron fillings, and iron objects

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