Phrasal verbs: call, carry, come, cut

Definitions adapted from Macmillan Dictionary Online

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call in
visit briefly
call off
to decide that something will not happen
call out
to ask a person or organization that provides a service to come and deal with something for you
call up
to officially make someone become a member of the armed forces, especially in a war
be carried away
to become so excited or involved in something that you lose control of your feelings or behaviour
carry on
to continue doing something
carry out
to do a particular piece of work, research etc
carry through
to complete something that was planned, often despite difficulties or opposition
come across
to meet someone, or to find something by chance
come around
1) happen again; 2) visit; 3) recover consciousness
come by
to get something, especially something that is hard to get
come down with
to become ill with a particular disease, usually one that is not serious
come off
1) to fall off something that you are riding; 2) to stop being fixed to something
come out
1) to become known; 2) to become available to buy
come over
1) to have a strong feeling/reaction to something; 2)to visit someone in the place where they are, especially their house
come up to
to come closer
come up with
to think of something such as an idea or a plan
cut down on
to reduce an amount of something, start doing less
cut in
to interrupt someone who is speaking
cut off
1) to remove something by cutting it; 2) to stop someone from going somewhere, especially by blocking their way
be cut out for
to have the right qualities or character for doing something
cut up
to cut something into several pieces