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a document that contains questions and other types of items that are designed to solicit information appropriate for analysis

double-barreled question

whenever the word "and" appears in a question or questionnaire statement.

open-ended question

the respondent is asked provide his/her own answer to the question

closed-ended question

the respondent is asked to select an answer from among a list provided by the researcher

contingency question

a question asked only of some respondents, depending on their response to some other question


the composite or cumulative measures of complex variables

Likert scale

a type of measure that presents respondents with statements followed by response choices so that respondents can indicate their degree of agreement or disagreement with each statement

informal conversational interview

an unplanned and unanticipated interaction b/w an interviewer and a respondent that occurs naturally during the course of observation

unstructured qualitative interview

an interaction b/w an interviewer and a respondent in which the interviewer has a general plan of inquiry but not a specific set of question that must be asked in particular words and in a particular order.


a technique for soliciting, in a nondirective and unbiased manner, a more complete answer to a question

interview guide

a qualitative measurement instrument that lists in outline form the topics and issues that the interviewer should cover in the interview

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