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Extinction punishment and ethical considerations

Class 6- thursday
What is extinction?
Extinction is the process in which a previously reinforced behavior is no longer followed by the reinforcing consequences. It is not a punishment procedure.
Extinction provides zero _____
Probability of reinforcement.
Extinction does not require application of
a punisher
Example of behavior maintained by poisitve reinforcement
Hitting self=attention from parent
Intervention= The R+ is no longer provided..behavior decreases.
Example of behavior maintained by negative reinforcement
hitting self= espcape from chores.
Intervention= removal of the aversive stimulus no longer occures for innapropriate behavior- behavior decreases
Example of behavior maintained by auto R+
Hitting self = auto R+...intervention- dampen or removing sensory consquence. wearing helmet
Extinction burst is...
When a behavior is no longer reinforced, the behavior temporarily increases in frequency, duration, or intensity before decreasing. Novel resoponses may also occur.
Spontaneous recovery is..
The reapperance of a behavior after it was decreased through extinction
Using extinction properly means...
Withold all reinforcers mainting the problem behavior, withold reinforcement consistently , combine extinction with other procedures (dro and dro), include signficant others in intervention, use instructions.
When to not use extinction..
Sevre behaviors
The process in which a behavior is weakend by the immediate consquence that follows its occurance.
Punisher- the consequence which weakens an operant behavior.
Positive punishment-
Occurs when an aversive stimulus is presented immeditaely following the occurence of a behavior and results ina decrease in future occurrences of the behavior.
Negative punishment-
Negative punishment involves the termination or removal of an already present stimulus immediately following the occurence of a behavior that results in a decrease in the future frequency of that behavior ie. response cost
What influences the effectiveness of a potential punisher?
Immediacy, MO's
Positive punishment procedures-
Overcorrection, contingent exercise, response blocking
The student is required to engage in an effortful behavior for an extended period contingent on each instance of the problematic behavior.
1. positive practice- practice correct forms of behavior
2. resistution- must restore environment
Reinforcement procedures should always be used in conjuction with..