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King Arthur & His Knights, by Howard Pyle

Character Descriptions from Pyle's Classic Works (Signet Classics)
King Arthur
King arthur is son of King Uther Pendragon and Igraine he is the main character he goes on many adventures and becomes king when he pulled the sword from the anvil in the stone.
Uther Pendragon
He was a noble king and became overlord of Britain. His Queen was lady Igrain and Merlin and Sir Ulfius gave Uther great counsel. Uther ruled the kingdom for a number of years but later died of sickness.
Igraine was a beatiful queen she was wife to Uther Pendragon and mother of Arthur Pendragon but Arthur was to small to rember her or his father.
Merlin the wise was a great enchanter and counseler to Uther Pendragon. Although he was very wise he had a weakness for beauty. This was his very downfall when he taught Lady Vievin all he knew about magic.
Sir Ector
Sir Ector was step father to Arthur and real father to the knight Sir Kay.
Sir Ulfius
Sir Ulfius who was belived to be the greatest in war fought alongside Uther Pendragon. He gave Uther great advice during battle.
Morgana Le Fay
Morgana Le Fay is Athurs half sister she became bitter towards him for not exepting her son as a knight and now she uses her magical powers to destroy Arthur and his Kingdom.
Archbishop of Canterbury
The Archbishop of Cantebury who is a friend of Merlins was a bishop who called
Sir Kay
Sir Kay is Arthur's brother because his father adopted Arthur. Sir Kay was a knight of the round table.
King Pellinore
King pellinore and the sable Knight are one and the same he fought Arthur and is Arthurs enemy.
Sir Ulfius
Sir Ulfius was a trusted knight of King Uther and a war counselor.
Lady Guinevere married king Arthur and was his queen but she betrayed him eventually.
Lady of the Lake
She healed king Arthur and gave Arthur the sword and scabbard. She then lives with a knight in her underwater palace.
King Ledegrance
King Leodegrance is Guineveres father and an ally with Arthur.
Duke of North Umber
The Duke of North Umber is
Lady Vivian is a sorceress who has no heart and cares for none but herself she is a princess and very beutiful but she entombed Merlin.
Sir Accalon
Sir Accalon was a knight in Arthurs court who was tricked into attacking king Arthur.
Sir Domas
Sir Domas is a treacherous Knight who captures other Knights and forces them to obey him or stay in his dungeons.
Sir Pellias
Sir Pellias also known as the gentle knight goes on a quest for lady Guinivere.
Green Knight
The Green knight was the lady Ellards and also called the knight of the green sleeves.
Sir Gawaine
Sir Gawaine is a bold knight who was banished for being rude and punching lady Guiniveres favorite dog to.
Lady Ellard
Lady Ellard is a bitter lady she shamed sir Pellias after he deafeted her knight but she is beutiful.