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Lipase is an enzyme that digests________molecules.


Amylase is an enzyme that digests __________molecules.

Starch (Carbs)

Bile is helpful in preparing __________for digestion


The __________ secretes bile salts.


Polysaccharides are broken apart to yield __________molecules before being completely digested.


Carbohydrates are absorbed into the body in the form of __________ molecules


The substance __________ contains several enzymes and is often used to clean contact lenses.


__________ test is used to detect the presence of starch.


__________ test is used to detect the presence of certain sugars.

Benedicts Solution

__________, here used in fatty cream, is a substance used to detect the presence of acids.


Enzymes that break apart proteins are termed __________ enzymes


Glucose is an example of a(n) __________ type of carbohydrate molecule.


Bile ___________ globules of fat.


A(n) __________ is a protein that catalyzes biochemical reactions.


Enzymes called __________ digest sugars such as sucrose and maltose.

Pancreatic Amylase

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