physical science test # 2

Rainbow exist because light is
refracted and reflected
a diver shines light up to the surface of a smooth pond at a 50 degree angle to the normal. what is true about the light that reflects back to the water?
all of it reflects back into the water
the type of lens that bring parallel light together is a
converging len
when the light goes from air to glass prism, the color that refracts the least is
when you view a distant rainbow, you view from each single water drop that contributes to the bow
a single color
The fact that light travels at 300,000 km/s is a consequences of
energy conservation
list in order of decreasing wavelength
radio, infrared, visible, ultraviolent, gamma ray
What is the frequency of an electromagnetic wave that has a wavelength of 30,000 km?
10 Hz (300,0000/(30,000)
electromagnetic waves consist of
oscillating electric and magnetic fields
the main difference between a microwave and a light wave is its
the cones in the retina of the eye are
most densely packed at the center of vision
consider light energy that is momentarily absorbed in the glass and then remitted. compared to the absorbed light, the frequency of the remitted light is
the same
when infrared light is incident upon the clear glass, atoms in the glass
all the above - resonate, are forced into vibration and collide with other atoms, and convert the light energy into internal energy
the size of the pupil of your eye depends on
your mood and the brightness of light in room
red - hot and blue -hot stars appear white to the eye because
they are too dim to fire the cones
the human eye is the most sensitive to which portion of the EM spectrum
yellow and green
which colors of ink are used to print full color picutures
magenta, cyan, and yellow plus black
the whiteness of clouds is evidence in the clouds for a variety of
particle size
the color of an opaque object is the same as the light that is
yellow light is really a mixture of
red and green light
light refracts when traveling from air to glass because light
has greater speed in air then in air
object and image for a plane mirror lie
equal distance from the mirror
the amount light reflected from the front surface of a common windowpane us about
4%, comes back at you at 92%
a mirage occurs for a road surface that are
the path of light travels from one point to another will be the path that
takes the least time