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  1. Pancreas
  2. Peptides
  3. biogenic amines
  4. Thymus
  5. Endemic Goiter
  1. a dietary iodine deficiency
    big throat
  2. b disappears after puberty
    on top of lungs
    Thymic hormones- stimulate differentiation, growth, and maturation of T-lymphocytes
  3. c posterior wall of abdominal cavity
    Pancreatic islets
  4. d chaines of amino acids
    most common
    growth hormone
  5. e produced by altering a specific amino acid
    thyroid hormone

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  1. not enough TH
    fatigue, weak, dry skin, weight gain, reduced sex drive (libido)
  2. too much cortisol
    redistributed body obesity
    buffalo hump
    moon face
  3. not enough cortisol
    weight loss
    skin darkening
    low blood pressure (hypotension)
  4. AP hormone
    skin pigment hormone
  5. lie on posterior surface of thyroid gland
    parathyroid hormone - increase blood Ca, increase osteoclast activity
    Opposite of calcitonin (antagonistic hormones)

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  1. Anterior Pituitary Hormoneshormones made in hypothalamus
    function is store and secrete hormones
    Antidiuretic hormone


  2. Prolactinpp hormone
    uterine contraction
    milk ejection


  3. Pituitary Gigantismhyposecretion (not enough) growth hormone in children


  4. adrenal medullaouter layer
    Aldosterone - water retention (balance)
    Cortisol - fights stress


  5. Diabetes Mellitusproduced by altering a specific amino acid
    thyroid hormone