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  1. a heavy infestation of lice characterized by hardened, scarred pigmented skin and secondary infections, usually as a result of intense scratching
  2. an emetic; comes wrapped in a paper similar to candy or gum; one-time rodenticide; if the rats eat enough of the red squill, they will be killed by paralysis of the heart muscles
  3. -Anopheles & Culex genuses
    -Aedes genus
  4. on water

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  1. Characteristics of the Norway Ratburrowing rodent; largest domestic rat; heavy stocky body; averages 7-18 ounces in weight and between 7--10 inches in lengthfound throughout the temperate regions of the U.S.; prefer garbage, meat, fish, veggies, fruits and cereal


  2. Flea and its associated diseasesPlague, Lyme disease, Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome


  3. Rodentcides/anticoagulants used for rodentsWarfarin and red squill


  4. Blowflymost common in northern US; dont bite but have "sponge-like" mouthparts; can devour only liquids; tests for food food sources by excreting saliva, which dissolves the food


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