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  1. Cryus II
  2. Caste
  3. Sudra
  4. Rig Veda
  5. Darius I
  1. a is said to be the founder of the Persian Empire
  2. b a serf; the lowest position in Aryan society
  3. c a follower of Cyrus, brought the Persian Empire to India
  4. d a lifelong social group into which a person is born
  5. e the oldest Veda; a collection of 1,000 hymns that priests recited at ceremonies and during rituals

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  1. "Books of Knowladge"
  2. a large reigon of land seperated by water from other land areas
  3. the Buddha
  4. 1) Suffering is a way of life for all people
    2) People suffer because they want so many things in life
    3) If people can free themselves from wanting so many things, they will not suffer
    4) People can free themselves from wants and from suffering by following the Eightfold path
  5. siezed power in India

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  1. reincarnationa way of clearing the mind


  2. Hinduism"Books of Knowladge"


  3. Bodh Gayaa town in which Siddhartha meditated under


  4. Indus River Valleythe land surrounding the Indus River in Pakistan


  5. meditation"Books of Knowladge"