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  1. Sanskrit
  2. Darius I
  3. Bodh Gaya
  4. Vedas
  5. subsistence farming
  1. a "Books of Knowladge"
  2. b a follower of Cyrus, brought the Persian Empire to India
  3. c a type of farming in which people grow food just for their family's use
  4. d a town in which Siddhartha meditated under
  5. e a different language from other people who were living in the Aryan Valley

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  1. the Himalaya's highest peak
  2. Rolling mountains west of the Deccan Plateau in Southern India.
  3. the land surrounding the Indus River in Pakistan
  4. the oldest Veda; a collection of 1,000 hymns that priests recited at ceremonies and during rituals
  5. the process in which a person goes from one life to the next life after death

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  1. Harappa and Mohenjo-Daromajor cities in ancient India


  2. AshokaChandragupta Maurya's grandson who took power in India after his Grandfather


  3. enlightenmenta state of pure goodness


  4. Monsoon seasonthe Himalaya's highest peak


  5. Deccan Plateaua land that rose to the point of a "diamond" south of the Indo-Ganges Plain