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  1. Jonas Salk and Albert Sabin
  2. Walter Reed
  3. antibiotic
  4. Five Ways You Can Be Infected With A Pathogen
  5. Joseph Lister
  1. a created antiseptics which prevented infection, 1800s.
  2. b The Air, Contaminated Objects, Person to Person, Animals and Food or Water.
  3. c created an oral vaccine against the disease polio, mid 1900s.
  4. d a chemical substance that can stop or destroy bacteria and other micro-organisms.
  5. e helped fight mosquito caused diseases, such as yellow fever, 1800s

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  1. A weakened or dead form of a disease-causing organism. It gives your immune system a chance to learn the characteristics of the disease-causing organism, so that way, your WBC's will recognize the organism when you're exposed to it.
  2. developed pasteurization, a system in which milk and other foods are heated in order to kill bacteria, 1800s.
  3. a poisonous substance produced by bacteria and viruses.
  4. created penicillin using specialized mold that which cured bacterial infections, 1928.
  5. something that actually gets rid of a disease-causing organism or the disease itself.

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  1. antibodya protein made by a white blood cell that attacks a disease-causing organism.


  2. immunitya poisonous substance produced by bacteria and viruses.


  3. Edward JennerSwedish millionaire who awarded people with monetary awards who made large discoveries and improvements in the medical field, 1890s


  4. homeostasisthe physical and chemical activities that occur within the body to keep everything the same.


  5. antitoxina poisonous substance produced by bacteria and viruses.