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Gregorian chants are ALWAYS polyphonic, true or false


Music of the Middle Ages included monophonic and polyphonic textures


__________ is an important female composer of the Middle Ages


The ____________ of the Middle Ages was the fall of the Roman Empire


Anonymous composers of Middle had a large repertoire of plainchant, true or false?


The _______ in Hildegard's play shouts his lines


Composers created the earliest polyphonic works by discarding all of the old Gregorian chants & composing all new material, true or false?


Alleluias were part of the proper in mass, true or false?


In polyphony 2+ voices of equal importance combine in such a way that each voice retains its own identity

Imitation or imitative Counterpoint

a type if counterpoint in which 1 voice introduces each new theme & is answered by other voices that join in succession


the spirit of intellectual & cultural movement that explored human interests and values

The Renaissance

an age of growing human reason & individuality


By 1500, Individuals could buy music at a _________ price

The Renaissance

a time of rebirth & human creativity, it was between 1425-1600

Renaissance Man

a man skilled in both the arts & sciences


In writing ______________, composers had to create at least 2 usually 3 or 4 good melodies that work together


_________ composers during the Renaissance used whatever musical elements they could to enhance the meaning & pleasure of the poetry including word pointing


byproduct of counterpoint in both the Middle Ages & Renaissance


Music printing had become an established business by ________


Martin Luther established the "American Revolution", true or false?


Composers responded to the reformation by writing new music for the Protestant liturgy in languages other than Latin (vernacular), true or false?


Baroque musicians moved their audience through the artful imitation of emotion, true or false?


________ music was written for an intimate setting such as a small room with a small group of instruments

Concert Grosso

means big concerto with multiple instruments

Handel's messiah

_________ __________ differs from most of the oratories is because it does not really have characters and a plot and also contains new testament material


New use of ___________ began around 1600 and more possible the emergence of opera


________'s water music was written for a party hosted by King George I on the River Themes


"King of Instruments" because of size, power, and vary


In Opera, New _____________ texture restores a greater sense of balance between text and music


meaning the extravagant and even bizarre qualities of the music


When churches banned opera during ______, impresarios filled their opera houses by hiring the same musicians to perform Oratorio

it is impossible to create an opera in English that can be easily understood because of all of the American consonants and dialects, so it is best to keep it in other languages

Foreign language opera should probably not sung in English for all of the following reasons except:

Program music

an instrumental work that is in some way associated with a story, event, or idea

Trio-sonata texture features:

2 high voices & one basso continuo

The Baroque era was a time of:

energy and motion, virtuosity & ornamentation

Opening entry of voices in a fugue:

a fugal exposition because it exposes the main idea of the work

A small group of philosophers

Opera was the result of:

Opera was the result of:

a small group of philosophers, musicians & poets who met in Florence to consider reviving the synthesis of music and drama as it had been done in the ancient Greek culture


The dates of the Baroque era in music were:

The Halleiujah chorus features:

all 3 basic features of music

The ritornello principle is based upon:

alternating sections for soloists with sections for the full orchestra

King George II while attending the London premiere of messiah:

was moved by the beauty and majesty of the music and stood in respect

G.F Handel

composed both opera and oratorio


possessed the range of a woman's voice & the power of a man's voice, they came from poor households, it would be barbaric by today's standard

Audiences in the Baroque could be quite noisy before the beginning of the opera due in part to:

people regarded the opera as a social event & the music they were about to hear was new and not a cherished & respected masterwork

During the Baroque era:

there were virtually no professional prospects for women composers

In the Baroque, as soloists, musicians were:

were expected to embellish the parts written for them

During the Baroque era all concerts were built around the:

ritornello principle


musically very similar to an opera, but is unstaged and based on a sacred topic

During the Baroque Era, churches:

spent large sums of money on lavish decorations and powerful organs


Barbara Stozzi was one of hundreds of women in the Baroque era who published their own compositions, true or false?


Bach took new and bold measures in combining very different instruments timbres as the solo instruments in his Bradenburg Concerto no 2, true or false?


When Bach died in 1750, his music remained very popular and was being performed all over Europe


It was during the Baroque era that organ building enjoyed its golden age


In the Baroque era, polyphonic and homophonic textures coexist


A fugue typically begins with the central theme also known as the plot


During the Baroque era, a nation's splendor was measured in cultural terms in addition to political and economic terms


The church prevented performances of opera during Lent


The arts did nothing to project the power of the church


During the Baroque era, the arts became incrasingly available to the public


Sacred music was not allowed to be as elaborate as the sacred architecture


George Frederic Handel was German by birth, he also wrote many Italian operas during his years in London


The word tutti indicates that only wind should play a given section


Opera failed to be a big business during the Baroque era


Baroque composers wrote unprecendented amounts of chamber music


The Baroque era was a period of energy and motion with ornamentation and extremes


Music served as an important means of conveying the teachings of the church


Water music is a suite of dance movements, , true or false?


For his party on the Thames River, King George commissioned Bach to compose music to be sung by a large choir, true or false?


A modulation is a change of key within the course of a movement, true or false?


Opera is a drama sung from beginning to end and is based upon sacred texts, true or false?


Renaissance composers brought the spirit of humanism to their art by setting both sacred and secular texts in ways that united words and music more directly, true or false?


The Baroque era was an age of opulence, true or false?


Homophonic texture made it very difficult to understand the text, true or false?

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