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1. a. What is probability?

The number that describes how likely it is that an event will occur. c

1.b. If you know the parents' alleles for a trait, how can you use a Punnett square to predict the probable genotypes of the offspring?

You can use their dominant traits to figure out if the child will have either a dominant gene or recessive.

1.c. A pea plant with round seeds has the genotype Rr. You cross this plant with a wrinkled-seed plant, genotype rr. What is the probability tha the offspring will have wrinkled seeds.

There is a 50 % chance that it could be a wrinkled seed.

2.a. Define genotype and phenotype

Genotype is the organisms genetic makeup or allele combinations. Phenotype is the physical apperance or visible traits.

2.b. Expain how two organisms can have the same phenotype but different genotypes. Give an example.

RR and Rr are going to produce the same pheonotype and look the same, but the one with the Rr has recessive gene.

2. c. A pea plant has a tall stem. What are its possible genotypes

RR, Rr, rR

3. a. What is codominance? Give an example of codominant alleles and explain why they are codominant.

In codominance the alleles are neither dominant nor recessive. If a black roosters and white chicken have chicks and all are black and white.

3.b. What is the phonetype of a chicken with the genotype FbFw?

black and white

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