Constitution test

What were the articles of confederation?
The first document of what our government was going to look like.
Whey were the articles of confederation considered a weak form of government?
It gave the states too much power
What was shays rebellion?
A rebellion led by the farmers against the wealthy class
How did shays rebellion cause conversation about revising the articles of confederation?
It helped make the country aware of the problems people were facing and the need for a stronger central government.
What was the original purpose of the convention that met in Philadelphia in 1787?
To revise and try to save the articles of confederation
Who is considered the father of the constitution?
James Madison
What was the virginia plan?
The Virginia plan called for a strong central government
What was the New Jersey plan?
The New Jersey plan was a proposal for the structure of the u.s government.
How did the great compromise shape the way our current government looks like today?
The great compromise resulted in the creation of the United States constitution.
What was the 3/5 compromise?
Every 5 slaves 3 would be considered "people".
Did the 3/5 compromise make slavery legal?
What are the enumerates or delegated powers of the federal Goverment?
The declare war, create and maintain armed forces, establish foreign policy, regulate interstate and foreign trade , make ,copyright, and patent laws, establish postal offices, and coin money.
What are concurrent powers?
Raise taxes, provide for the public welfare, criminal justice, borrow money, charter banks, and build roads.
What are implied powers?
Pass any law necessary (elastic clause)
What are prohibited powers?
Can't take away property without saying why,can't be arrested after laws are prohibited, and can't throw someone in jail for no reason.
How are problems settled between the federal and state governments?
Federal wins
How did the 10th amendment change who can vote
Males over 21 who own property
How did the 15th amendment change who could vote
All males are allowed to vote
How did the 19th amendment change who could vote
Women get to vote
How did the 24th amendment change who could vote
Bans poll taxes, literacy tests, and grandfather clause. It also allows the federal government to step in if they see major problems with elections
How did the 26th amendment change who could vote
In national elections, allows anyone who is 18 and over to vote
Math problem
Who elects representatives
We do, the people, and the voters of the district.
What are the qualifications to be a representative?
You need to be a u.s citizen for 7 years, a resident of the state they are seeking office in.
What are the qualifications to be a senator?
30 years old, and have to be a u.s citizen for 9 years
How many years does a representative serve?
4 years
How many years does a senate serve?
6 years
How many years does a president serve?
4 years or 8 years
How many years does a Supreme Court judge serve?
Life term & if they do well
Who appoints Supreme Court judges?
The president
Who must confirm Supreme Court appointments
The house & senate
Which branch of government has the power of the purse?
The congress/ the president
The purpose of the legislative branch is to _______ the laws
The purpose of the executive branch is to _______ the laws
Carry out
The purpose of the judicial branch is to _______ the laws
What is the presidents cabinet?
People who work for the president
How is the presidents cabinet chosen
By the president
What offices do the presidents cabinet oversee
Homeland security, treasury, defense, justice, agriculture, health and human services, transportation, and education
Who signs treaties
The president
Who confirms treaties
The senate
Which house of congress confirms presidential appointments?
How is a president impeached
There has to be a vote
Was Richard Nixon impeached?
No he left before they could
How does a bill become a law?
Proposal, introduction,the report, debate, vote, delivery, to the president
How does the executive branch check the judicial branch? Vice versa?
The executive branch appoints a judge for a life term. Judicial can prove laws to be unconstitutional
How does the executive branch check the legislative branch? Vice versa?
Vito's bills and makes treaties. Legislative branch approves treaties, makes laws, overrides presidents veto, and can impeach a president
How does the legislative branch check the judicial branch? Vice versa?
The judicial branch interprets a law and can prove laws to be against the constitution.
The bill of rights are the first______ amendments of the constutution
Amendment means
What was the purpose of the bill of rights?
To make a compromise &I to list all the rights citizens have
What is a federalist?
Someone who thinks that the constitution alone is enough to protect someone's rights.
What is an anti-federalist?
Someone who fears a strong central government and demands that the constitution should include all citizens rights.