Southwest Asia/ North Africa Vocabulary

When a country is ruled by a religious leader or government
Limited Government
In this type of government everyone, including all authority figures, must obey laws. Constitutions, statements of rights, or other laws define the limits of those in power so they cannot take advantage of the elected, appointed, or inherited positions.
Unlimited Government
A government in which no limits are imposed on the ruler's authority. The leaders don't have to follow the same laws as everyone else.
Command Economy
An economic system in which the government controls a country's economy.
Market Economy
an economic system based on free enterprise, in which businesses are privately owned, and production and prices are determined by supply and demand
To believe in only one god
a political movement uniting Palestinian Arabs in an effort to create an independent state of Palestine
An organization that tries to work to improve political, cultural, educational, health, and economic conditions around the world.
A monotheistic religion based on the teachings of Jesus and on the writings of the Bible
A monotheistic religion based on the writings and teachings of Muhammad and and the writings of the Muslim holy book, the Qur'an
Oil exporting countries such as Algeria, Libya, and Nigeria, banded together to keep oil prices steady so oil will continue to help support the world's economy
Non-renewable Resource
a resource that cannot be reused or replaced easily due to the long amount of time it takes to form. (ex. gems, iron, copper, fossil fuels)
Renewable Resource
any resource that can be replenished naturally with the passage of time
HDI Human Development Index
A combination of the GDP, literacy rate, infant mortality, and other factors that combine to tell a countries standard of living
GDP Per Capita
total value of goods and services produced in a year divided by the population. Tells what the amount of money each person makes in a year.