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  1. foray
  2. robust
  3. despondent
  4. induction
  5. inflammatory
  1. a noun
    A formal entry into a position
  2. b adjective
    Without or almost without hope
  3. c adjective
    Causing action or rebellion
  4. d noun
    A quick attempt
  5. e adjective
    Physically strong

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  1. verb
    To act between parties to help them get along.
  2. noun
    A violent and needless disturbance
  3. verb
    To make up for--compensate
  4. noun
    Something that cannot be explained
  5. verb
    To receive good from something

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  1. vexnoun
    A violent and needless disturbance


  2. genericadjective
    Not protected by trademark


  3. aperturenoun
    An opening in something


  4. auscultationnoun
    The act of listening, either directly or through a stethoscope , to sounds within the body as a method of diagnosis.


  5. fledglingverb
    To feel sorry for