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Protein Metabolism

Module Four chapter 6 and 7
What determines the three dimensional shape of amino acids
the order of the amino acids
when given the total caloric intake, how can you estimate the thermic effect of food?
add 5%
How does indirect calorimetry measure a person's energy expenditure?
measure oxygen uptake --> convert gas exchange value into energy use
what is an EER?
estimated energy requirement
purpose of BMI?
to measure healthy weight
limitations of the BMI?
short people and the elderly
criteria for the adult BMI of underweight
criteria for the adult BMI of overweight
criteria for the adult BMI of obese class 1
criteria for the adult BMI of obese class 2
criteria for the adult BMI of obese class 3
> 40
how can body fat be determined?
body density= body weight/ body volume
% body fat+(495/body density)-450
body fat desirable for men and women
men= 8%-24%
women= 21%-35%
body fat obesity for men and women
men= +24%
women= +35%
waist circumference indicating upper body obesity?
men=40 inches
women=35 inches
where is the hunger/satiety center located?
how does hunger differ from appetite?
hunger= internal drive
appetite=external drive
what is the definition for a hormone?
internally secreted compounds formed in endocrine glands that affect function of specifically receptive organs/tissues when transported to them by body fluids
hormones increase hunger
hormones increase satiety?
where is leptin produced?
in the beta cells
where is ghrelin produced?
in the stomach
what is chain breaking?
breaking the link between two or more behaviors that encourage overeating
what is stimulus control?
altering the environment to minimize stimuli for eating
what is cognitive restructuring?
changing ones frame of mind regarding eating
what is contingency management?
forming a plan of action to respond to a situation in which overeating is likely
how does the weight loss medication orlistat(eenical, alli) work?
reduces fat digestion by 30% by inhibiting lipase. enzyme action in the small intestine
what are common adverse effects of using orlistat when on a high fat dietary intake?
gas, bloating and oily discharge and nasty poo
what is the benefit of the weight loss medication meridia?
enhances norepinephrine and serotonin activating in the brain reducing uptake of neurotransmitters by nerve cells. neurotransmitters remain active in brain and prolonging sense of hunger.
what are the side effects for the weight loss meridia?
constipation, dry mouth, insomnia and mild increase in blood pressure.